Master Bathroom Demolition

Today we started the renovation of the Master Bath. When we first purchased the house, the master was supposed to be the first room that we had planned on remodeling, but because of the longer-than-expected delay in the purchasing process, we didn’t have the time to do the bathroom before we moved in like we had planned. After completing the addition of the laundry room/half bath, we were now finally able to tackle this larger project while being able to still use the sink to wash up and a toilet to, well, you know what.

Below is what we were working with. It’s gross and I’m guessing from the 3-4 layers of wallpaper that it hasn’t been properly remodeled since the day it was built in 1865. The tub is on a 15 degree tilt, the door doesn’t open all the way because it hits the vanity, The ceiling fixture is the ceiling fixture, you need to lean to your right to sit on the toilet properly and the vinyl floor is a wonderful touch above the three layers of flooring below it.

The plan is to gut the entire room to the studs, insulate the exterior walls, run new electric, lights and switches, Ikea vanity and top, soaking tub and subway tile. Other items will happen as we progress through the build but for now it’s time to get dirty.

Before Destruction

┬áHere is the bathroom with all of the plaster removed. It’s a nasty process and we tackled it like champs. We did the cleanest job we could using large construction garbage bags and put a little plaster in each of them until we were barely able to lift them. One by one, we carried them outside along with the vanity, sink and toilet. A quick sweep and we were ready to remove the lath.

Plaster Removed

┬áThis is where we ended for the evening. We were able to get all of the lath off of the walls and painstakingly took every nail out of each piece once it was off. After that, we bundled them into small manageable sizes so we can use it for kindling. We’re going to leave the shower intact for as long as possible. We should be able to get the drywall on the walls and ceiling while working around the shower since it will be tiled.

Tomorrow’s plan is to cut out the floor to inspect the plumbing and come up with the game plan to move the toilet over a couple inches.

Overall view lath removed



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