Clock Relocation – 2008+ WRX/STi

How-To: Clock Relocation 2008+ WRX/STi

When adding a gauge pod to the top of the dash on a 2008+ WRX or STi you will need to relocate the clock. Relocating the clock is a simple modification that helps you retain the outside temperature display, gas mileage, air bag warning and of coarse, the clock. Not keeping the clock plugged in will cause the airbag light to come on in the instrument cluster.

Items needed:

  • Wire strippers / Cutters
  • 18″ Extension Cable with at least 7 wires. 26g (cat5 cable will also work)
  • Solider and iron
  • Electrical tape
  • 3M double sided tape

If you have the clock out already, you know that there is a 7 pin plug that went into the back of it. Since the harness is only made to reach the top of the dash, you must cut and splice and extend it so it can reach down to the lower console.

First you need to disconnect the battery. Once that’s done you have to cut the plug off the harness about 5″ down. Next you need to extend the harness about 18″. I had a radio harness that had 8 wires in it already but you can use a cat5 cable if you don’t have an extra harness available. Extend each wire one by one so you don’t have a chance to cross wires. Splice both side until you extend all 7 wires and make sure you tape each connection so there is no chance of shorting out a wire. Once done, all you have to do is run the wire behind the radio and heater controls to the pocket below (there is a small hole that will fit the plug). Just plug the clock back in and double-side tape the clock to the rubber pad in the pocket. Test the clock by connecting the battery before you tape it down.

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