Bathroom Primer and Color Choice

With so many choices of color and paint manufactures, how do you decide on what color will work best for you? Well… You don’t, at least not that easily. The process of picking a paint color should start with the color palette of your home and flow with the tones that are present in that palette. Not saying that if you like green, that every room has to be a shade of green but you can easily hone in on a color if you can agree on a palette or theme tone of our home.

For us, we didn’t identify our color palette until we started to look for a color for the master bathroom. The laundry room color Sage Green was just a color that we liked, so we purchased it. Then when we did the living room we used a blue-green tone that had a resemblance of the laundry room color with the addition of blue. It kind of just worked out without having to think about color palettes but adding a third room into the mix is where it started to get difficult.

Just picking out one color can be quite a chore, but when you start to think at a grand scale of a whole home palette, that’s where you can either cough up a lot of money for an interior designer or take matters into our own hand and use the free tools available to guide you along the process.

Something as simple as the Sherwin-Williams home color palettes can be an easy choice or a more complex system from Pantone will guide you to find at least a theme of colors that you should be considering for your home.

For our home, we decided to take the third choice and grab one of those color fans of about 30,000 colors to choose from and start by picking one we liked. Once we knew what color we liked, we went to the paint store and found every color variation of the one we picked and compared it to our homes color palette. After adding the laundry room and living room colors to compare we came up with a color for the bathroom. The color ended up being a Martha Stewart – Sunken Pool MSL126.

What we didn’t know is that Martha Stewart Paint was made by Glidden, not being my favorite paint to use, I took the paint sample and brought it to Sherwin-Williams to find a match the color so we can use the amazing Duration line of paints. To our luck, Sherwin-Williams used to make Martha Stewart paints so they we able to make the exact color using the paint code.

Before we painted the walls with color, we used another great Primer by Sherwin-Williams it’s Premium Wall & Wood Primer.  After the primer dried, the next day we rolled on the ceiling paint. Once again we trusted our home to S-W and chose a matte white, super durable Eminence Ceiling Paint.

Given the quick drying time of the ceiling paint, we were able to cut in the new paint and roll on some color. We couldn’t be more happy with the choice!

Choosing Colors

Picking Color

Primer for all painted surfaces

Wall primer

Walls covered with primer

Primed walls

Primer on walls

Eminence Ceiling Paint

Eminence Ceilig paint


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