Drilling Porcelain Tile for Toilet Flange

One of the last big installations of the Master Bathroom will be the toilet. Since the 3″ drain for the toilet was ready to be cut and flange installed, I thought this would be a simple 30 minute job. Boy was I wrong.

I was able to trim the drain down to the proper height for the flange, glue it all together and mark the holes to where I needed to drill through the porcelain tile. It was only a couple days ago where I drilled through the subway tile with new masonry bit like butter, so I was under the assumption that this would go just as well. I did find that porcelain is only similar to ceramic in very few ways. One way that it is definitely not the same, is that way it drills. It is as HARD as steel and nearly impossible to drill without the proper bit.

A normal masonry bit did nothing at all. Even with water, light pressure and time, the most I got was about 1/32″ down into one hole. So after a little internet searching I found that the best bit to use was a diamond coated hollow core bit. Using this bit made the job so much easier. All you needed is a water bottle, a steady hand and a low speed drill. After theĀ  holes were drilled, I inserted 6 flat head stainless steel screws into the subfloor to secure the flange. The wax ring and bolts came next with the drop-in of the toilet.

Installing toilet flange

Installing toilet flange

Toilet intstalled






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  • Thomas Hocking April 17, 2013, 7:48 PM

    What a beautiful job You have done on this project. Thank You for the tips,thinking of tackling one of these jobs myself.

  • Toilet flange April 30, 2013, 6:03 PM

    not an easy thing cutting titles around the most import part of the plumbing but this is a really great help!


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