Drywall Installation

Thinking the insulation was a treat to see how the room was taking shape, I don’t know what to say about the look of finishing the drywall hanging. Standard 4×8 sheets of 1/2” drywall we used throughout most of the room. For the curved wall, 1/4” drywall was used so it would be able to bend around the curve easier.

The one large piece on the top right was replaced after I cracked the top off. It was a learning curve mistake that happened when I went to screw it in. The sheet was too tight against the ceiling and I didn’t realize that it wasn’t flush against the wall when I screwed it in, whoops.

Drywall Install

Bending the curves wall drywall was really easy. Using a thick nap paint roller and a paint tray, I just used water and rolled it on both sides of the drywall. I let it sit for just a minute before I started to bend it around the curve of the wall. I tacked it down on one side than slowly bent it as I walked down the length of the drywall. Once I got to the other side, I tacked it using a small 2” wide strip of drywall seen in the picture. I let it dry for about an hour and lifted it up into place.

1/4-curved drywall

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