Exposing the plumbing

Today we set out to see what type of plumbing was hiding below the sub-floor. I started out by using a circular saw to cut through the first layer of plywood to expose the 3/4″ planking underneath. Below the planking is the original 1″ wide plank pine. Unfortunately the water proofing back in 1865 wasn’t so great so the floor wasn’t doing so well and if you take a close look, you’ll see that some of it was completely missing. We also found that the joists we looking like they were hacked with an axe to get the plumbing to the shower, eeeek!

I also ran all the electric to the rough locations of the outlets and switches. The bathroom will be powered by a dedicated 20a circuit. On that circuit will be three GFI outlets, a switch for the vanity light, and a triple switch for the hi-hats, exhaust fan and shower light. This was a good stopping point for the day so after a little clean up, it’s time to hit the shower while we can and get ready for work tomorrow.

Have any of you had to deal with cast iron plumbing before? Leave a comment below.

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