Framing out the walls

Now that we have a very solid subfloor to work off of, it’s time to add the walls that will determine where everything will go and fit. The design will stay very similar to how it was before with a few changes to the sizing of some walls. The last tub was kind of thrown into an area that was close to fitting, but needed a lot of trim work to cover the huge gaps everywhere. Also, when removing lath from these old homes, they weren’t too concerned with the straightness of the walls, mostly because they could add more plaster to compensate for the difference in thickness. Changing over to drywall will be really nice for a fresh, straight surface, but in order for the drywall to be straight, the studs will have to be cut, shimmed and blocked.

Adding the framing for the tub/show will be relatively easy with the exception of the large beam the runs parallel to the floor. The framing will have to be cut around the beam which will also give us the opportunity to create a nice size window box around the window. Of coarse I’ll need to tilt the bottom of the window box slightly (about 5 degrees) in order for the water to flow away from the window and so that it doesn’t pool up in a corner.

I used 2×6’s for the window and valve side of the shower and will be using the original wall for the last side (rear). The rest of the framing in the room will 2×4 only in areas that need it. We have been tossing around ideas about what to do with the space behind the shower and it’s either going to be a closet, a open shelved space or completely left open. For now I will frame it open as I could always add to it without having to cut away walls and framing in the future.

You’ll notice that the ceiling had to be exposed slightly in order to get the studs to sit on in the right spot.




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