Framing the walls and ceiling

Right away it was time to start the building and framing. We started with the ceiling, then down the walls, across the curved wall, into the niche behind the toilet area and finally reaching the floor.

All 6 sides of the room had to be framed so I could deal with my OCD of not having straight walls. I know I won’t be able to do this to every room but for now I’m giving it all I got.

Had to drop down the ceiling to compensate for the 4″ difference from one side to the other!

Ceiling Drop and Level


Ceiling done, walls done, niche done, and the curved wall has 1×3 added with shims to do the job of taking out any imperfections in the plaster. I left it on because it was in good shape. Not that I would restore it someday but it was just that small amount of plaster that didn’t have to be hauled off to the dump.

Curved wall and toilet framing

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