Insulation, Drains, and Electrical

Today was a day to do some of the smaller yet important details of the bathroom. First part that I tackled was the tub drain rough in. It was the first time that I have done this so it took a lot of time to get it just right. The tub that we purchased was a Jacuzzi Deep Soak so the height of the overflow was much higher that most of the standard tubs. The advantage of this type of tub is that you can fill it up all the way to 19″ which makes it about 5″ deeper than the one we had before. Using my miter saw to cut the 1-1/2 pipes to size, I used the same marking method that did to the main drainage while gluing which seems to work really well.


Here is the drain and vent installed in the floor. It took a lot of taking the tub in and out to get the length of the piping just right. I put the tub back in it’s place and glued it all together. Once it dried, I was able to remove the tub so I can insulate the walls.

While I was waiting for the glue to properly dry I took the opportunity to add some of the electrical boxes and start to prep the wall for drywall soon. Here is a quick shot of the main panel for the lights and fan. A little 2×6 blocking was added to limit flex in the 3 switch housing, not necessary, but I add them for piece of mind while wiring up the switches later on.


When the glue dried and we were able to remove the tub out of the way, it was a simple task to add some insulation on to the back wall. It’s the wall with the window which is obviously an exterior wall so any insulation would be better than none. We were able to use R-19 insulation because of the thicker 2×6 walls that I added so in the pictures below you will be able to get a small glimpse of me working 🙂



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