Kohler Tub Door Installation

With last nights success of the floor tile installation,  the following morning was left to tackle a much awaited Kohler Tub Door Installation. I have always been a huge fan of the glass tub doors for a few reasons. Number one, it looks Sa-weet! Number two, it’s really easy to clean and blocks water from escaping the shower and onto the floor. Third is that you can take a shower without out a cold wet piece of plastic touching you (best reason).

The installation of the glass couldn’t be any easier. With a couple hand tools and a few hours, you’ll be styling in no time.

I followed the instructions to a tee and felt they were definitely good enough to not have to write a step-by-step install guide. I will however point out a couple good tips. One would be to have a handy 5/16 masons bit ready to drill the 6-holes needed to mount the side rails. Another is to be generous on the bead of silicone that you have to put on the bottom rail before you place it down. There is no screws that hold it down so if you cheap out on the bead, you may have water going underneath the rail and onto the floor. The last tip is to try to take off all the stickers on the glass before you mount the doors. There were a couple of stickers that Kohler placed on the glass using crappy glue that were a nightmare to remove. Other than that, follow the instruction and with a little help from my images below you will be able to complete this in an early morning before it’s lunchtime.

Layout of the door rails

Drilling the ceramic Tile

installing the top rail


Completd shower doors



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