More Plumbing, and Hardie Backerboard

It’s amazing how much we have done in just three days! It was the first weekend since we started that we had two complete days work on the master bathroom. After setting the tub a couple days ago it gave us the green light to move forward with building the rest of the room with confidence that the core of the bathroom is in place, secure, level and plumbed.

Saturday morning started out with the valve body for the tub and shower. We wend with a simple Delta 1-handle faucet in an oiled bronze finish. The valve body has 4-ports which all have 1/2 npt make threads that make it easy to use all types of fittings for the installation. For the tub spout, you have to use copper piping so in the image below, you will see the prep work and soldered joint for that port. The other three ports I was able to use 1/2″ npt to 1/2″ PEX adapters. This, as all PEX connections make life so easy for connecting water lines.

After the joint was soldered, I was able to install the valve body using the 1/2″ piece of drywall shown in the image below as a depth gauge to help position how far out to put the valve. The valve body has a plastic template that needs to be flush with the finished wall so if the cement backer is 1/4 and the tile is 1/4, then you will need to place the valve 1/2″ out from the framing.

Delta Valve and tub spout

Tub spout detail

After the plumbing was installed, I was able to turn on the water and test for leaks before we closed up the wall with the backer board. The leak test was a success, yay!!

The cement backer board is the next on the hit list. It’s just like hanging drywall except a little harder to cut. The only tough part of the whole job will be the window sill and making sure it’s waterproof. There will be multiple steps in waterproofing the sill including the 100% silicone shown below, then the backer board, then mesh tape and thinset, then tile, grout and lastly another bead of silicone as a final layer of protection.

Window sill waterproofing

Here is the overall shot of the Hardie Backerboard installation. Later on this week I will be sealing the seams with the 2″ mesh tape, thin set and a nice coating of RedGard water proofing membrane. For one day I think we made huge progress!

Side note: The windows were previously installed in the house before we bought it, they are all crooked but the framing is straight. Not much we can do with that but it’s okay.

Cement Backer


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