New Ideas for the WRX in 2013

Just a minor update on what’s going on in the background of new ideas for my WRX. I haven’t done too much to the car since my wedding back in October (giving it a wash has NOT been one of those things since then) but a lot has been going through my mind in terms of what to do for the new year.

First order of business will be the change of suspension. I’ve been running the Stance GR+ coilovers for about a year and a half and they are still doing their job as they were designed to do. For an $1100 set of coilovers, you should only expect for your car to be able to go low and ride rough on any surface that is not new pavement. The Stance coilovers are a great choice for a budget track car but I do feel they have no business on the street.

After the Stance’s are removed, I will most likely be replacing them with the GTWORX struts and RCE black springs. Since the car is truly a daily driver, I do feel that ride comfort should be #1 and a really good matched spring/strut combo will give me that back. On top of the new springs and struts will finally be the addition of the RCE front and rear swaybars. This alone should bring the car back to what I originally wanted the car to feel like. After some good advice from my friend Robb Sutton about a year ago, I’m finally taking his recommendation and doing the sways.

For power changes, I have been tossing around the idea of either keeping the engine/transmission as is or make the leap towards the next level. There is no other bolt on power that I feel safe about doing without changing some major components. Though I know of some people that can get away with power levels in the 350-400+ range with the stock bottom-end and transmission but it’s a chance that I’m not willing to make. It’s my only vehicle that gets me to the place that provides my paycheck and the downtime of a blown motor or transmission plus the scurry if trying to fix it in a haste is the main reason why I play the safe card when it comes to power handling of the stock components.

Being said, the next level would be a huge financial leap but something that I really want to do. It involves building the bottom-end, changing the turbo and making some changes to the transmission (either gear set and clutch or STi 6-speed swap and clutch).

The last issue about changing to higher power levels is the question why? Would I be changing the power levels because I’m going to use it or am I making more power to give me something new to do to the car? Either way there is a really big issue brewing up in my mind… Do I really know how to drive with that amount of power? I’ve had my license for 17 years and have driven over 500,000 miles since then but does that make me a good driver that knows how to drive a fast car? My first though was to say “sure” I’ve driven much faster cars with more horsepower but in reality, without formal training or real track experience, I don’t feel that anybody belongs behind the wheel of a car that is capable of the type of speeds that we can make these cars go.

So, you can see that I’m putting a lot of though into the next power level and would encourage anyone who is reading today’s rant to think about what you are doing with your car, and your driving skill level.

Lastly for this year are some cosmetic changes to the exterior. I’ve always been a fan of a black roof on the SWP. I’ll probably try a glossy vinyl first before I would actually paint it but I’d like to do that plus change over the antenna to a shark fin. I’m looking at changing to the STi side marker mirrors and modifying the WRX emblem on the fender.

More Alcantara in the interior is probably in order; maybe the headliner and visors should be done in black as I’m still in love with how the interior looks with the dash done.

Okay, I think I’m done for now. Thanks for reading 🙂

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