Putting a Band-Aid on a Dining Room

Over this past weekend I decided amongst myself that I was going to get rid of the bright orange color that was painted in the dining room. Since we moved into this home, there has been some extremely bright and vibrant colored rooms throughout the house and one by one we are trying to bring them back to a softer tone.  As you see below, there are a couple things that can go through your mind as you enter a room of this color. One might be that you feel bright and alive with energy, another might be “dear god get me out of here”. Well, maybe 70% of the time was happy go lucky thoughts but the 30% really got to us after a certain amount of time.

Bright Orange Dining room

As you can probably tell, there is a little more that a new coat of paint needed to render this room complete. Since this will not be tackled as a full gut job until late spring, we tried the best we could to make it a place where we can feel comfortable eating in the meantime.

The room far ahead is the completed laundry room / bathroom and is the only room at this level of the house that is remodeled. This room will eventually be redone with a new subfloor, finished floor, back porch entrance, coffee station, new lighting and electrical, relocated heating vents, new ceiling and walls, molding and trim. But for now, all it’s getting a fresh coat of paint.I didn’t have to do too much prep work as there isn’t a real floor to worry about wrecking, the trim and molding are going to be replaced and we don’t currently have any furniture to cover.
The first thing I did was work on the ceiling to get rid of the water stains from who knows what. To do that I used Kilz stain blocking primer. While that was drying I trimmed around the windows and molding with the Olympic One paint that we’ll be using for the rest of the room. Once I got around the whole room I started rolling the rest of the walls with the one and only coat that we’ll be doing.

The paint that we choose was Misty Lake made by Olympic. It was an inexpensive interior latex that we found at Lowe’s that had a paint and primer in one. I thought for sure that there was no way to hide this bright orange paint in one shot and that if I did need two coats, I was sure as hell not using a $65 gallon or two of paint. Believe it or not, it worked. One coat and it was all gone, I couldn’t get over how different it looked and all it took was a simple roller and an lazy Sunday.

Here is the completed image:

After Color change

The last couple things that will be done is some base molding to the left, some crown on the missing ceiling pieces and some stair trim for the step up to the laundry room. Oh yeah, and a table someday, haha.


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