Remodel the Laundry Room

Today will be the start of the remodel process of our home. We moved into this home knowing the we need to add a laundry room and a half bath. In the picture below you can see the room that we decide would be the best option for what we need. At some point within the last 150 years, someone tried to put a washer in there but it wasn’t plumbed correctly but if by some miracle it was, the floor was so slanted that it would never work and may have fallen through the floor

To add a washer, dryer and toilet to this room will require some extensive work. Plumbing, electric are two of the big ones but because of the slant in the floor, the framing will be by far the biggest challenge.

We’ll walk you through most of the construction process all the way up to the finishing touches. Enjoy!

Before Image 2

Before Image 1


Ouch, we know…

It’s going to be great!!



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