The P90X Experience

Day 90 – Yoga X (P90X Complete)

 This is it, the day that I’ve been waiting for, the end!

It has been an amazing ride for the past 90 days and today is the last day, it is over and complete.

Starting out a little over three months ago I had no idea what I was getting into. I was upset with the way my body was changing as I became less active and older, so I decided to do something different then just not eating. I wanted to do something that involved exercising but had nothing to do with a gym and if I was going to do this it had to be extreme. So I found P90X and it transformed me into a machine. I can definitely run faster, jump higher and probably do more push-ups and pull-ups than anybody I know. I loved the way I was able to go through the program with minimal equipment and I the comfort of my own living room.

The results speak for themselves as I went from an average build with 18.1% body fat to a ripped, toned athlete loosing an exact 8% body fat, 6lbs of muscle and an outcome I could have only dreamed about. I feel great, look great and have a different outlook on eating healthy.

I wanted to review the program as a whole as I have already spent the past 90 days writing daily thoughts in this blog along with pictures, thoughts, complaints, and triumphs.

Overall the program is really really tough, physically and mentally. Starting out I was hurting so bad that I remember days where in order to touch my eyebrow I had to bend over and use my opposite arm to assist the other. It was two straight weeks of soreness and pain then it finally started to get better. From week 3 to week 13 was a constant climb, as I never had a chance to plateau because of how the program was scheduled out and designed. I will admit there were times where I wish I could do other workout instead because I was just sick of that particular one but that is where the mental toughness comes in. Besides the obvious physical pain, there is the mental. It got harder and harder each day to try to out-do the last day or the last workout you did. It’s also super tough to keep motivated when you have other things going on in your life. I luckily had almost an entire winter to myself to be able to focus and stay consistent.

I can’t see even starting this program if you know that you can’t commit to the full 90 days. There are no days off and no way of stopping without loosing the drive to keep going to the end.

Also if you don’t plan on following the diet plan, you might as well keep the DVD’s in the case until you are ready to commit.

Last thoughts are the costs… As a heads up to anyone who really wants to do this, it is rather expensive to do it the right way. Making a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner every meal, every day for 90 days is a lot of money. I wasn’t aware of how expensive it would be but at over $400 per month just for food! Add in the cost of  $120 for DVD’s, $375 in equipment, and $300 in supplements and you got one expensive workout.

So if you have a ton of discipline, an hour or so every day to kill, and about $1200, this work out is for you!

I can’t believe I’m done!

I also want to thank superdave123 for being the best Beach Body Coach and an awesome friend through the process to help me stay motivated!


-Till next time,


SideFinal  FrontFinal

Day 89 – Core Synergistics

It’s getting so close I can feel it… Literally!

Second to last day and it couldn’t have come at a better time. With the warmer weather here and my busiest time of the year starting next week, the end of the program will be a quick celebration and then back to the grind with my new body to be hidden by work shirts and a desk.

The final day of the Core Synergistics brought nothing more then the hurtin’ it always does. Banana Roll, Sphinx Push-ups, and Bow to Boat are some of the few that are killers during the routine. The towel hop definitely pushed me over the edge today, I was pretty winded at that point anyway but I gave it my all and almost passed out from a crazy heartbeat. Whewwww, I made it and it is a sprint to the finish line. One more day to go and I’m done!!

Meal of the day:

8oz Grilled chicken (cubed), 1 Cup of String Beans. Sautéed in Chicken Broth and Onion.


-Till tomorrow,


Day 88 – Stretch X

Similar to Sunday or rest day, there is not much to say about the Stretch X that you wouldn’t figure out by either doing the workout or just thinking of the name. It is so nice to do. You can be in the worst mood ever or had the worst day, you’ll just feel good beginning, doing and ending this workout. I just feel all mushy and comfortable with an amazing Zen like calm. Stretchy of coarse but more excited about the way I mentally feel when I’m done. I wish yoga felt this good, but what I did find out is that one of the reasons it doesn’t is because Stretch X is easy and requires no thought. Yoga is hard and trying to get into each move is still difficult even after all this time. This workout is just great!

Meal of the day:
8oz Grilled Chicken (cubed), 1 medium Potato (cubed) 1 cup of Broccoli, Mixed in a stir-fry sauce.


-Till tomorrow,


Day 87 – Kenpo X

Well this is it… Maybe the saddest day I will have leaving this workout program. It is the last day of Kenpo X, the workout that kept me focused and motivated from the first time I did it. As an overall review of the workout I can say mostly good things. I do have some things I would have changed but for the hour workout that it is, there is the one “blocks” section that needs to be changed. I have adapted a new move over the past 88 days and it is to not do the blocks but to add either X jacks, push-ups or both!
I needed a way to speed up or keep up my heart rate for a couple of minutes. Those damn blocks we a big waste in my opinion. I can’t see them being beneficial in any way.
Other then that, I wouldn’t change a thing, it’s fun, it goes by super fast and you burn a ton of calories.
I am going to miss it but I guess I can always slip it back in the DVD player every once and a while 🙂

-Till tomorrow


Day 86 – Core Synergistics

So much for a nice recovery week… I keep forgetting how intense this workout is, whoa!
I can’t believe that after all this time doing the whole program that I am hurting already; every muscle in my stomach is killing me. Sometimes I feel like I’m on day one when I do this workout. Maybe this should be a weekly part of the program instead of the recovery week. I do like this workout a lot, even though I hurt in places that I probably shouldn’t.
The whole Banana and Superman routine still gets me every time and even though I can do them much better then the last time, they are a mother of a workout. I wonder why he insists on playing with us while we are you trying to flip over and over, weird?
To finish, I think my favorite part of the workout is the one where you take things off the ground and put it on the shelf. For those who haven’t done P90X yet, you will have no idea what I’m talking about but you’ll just have to trust me.

Meal of the Day,
4oz Linguine, 5 Turkey Meatballs, 1 cup of Marinara Sauce.


-Till tomorrow,


Day 85 – Yoga X

Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Huuuuuummmmm.

What a nice surprise to have Yoga today, you can tell I look at what workout I have to do that day 30 seconds before I’m about to them, haha. But nonetheless, I was actually delighted to have a nice relaxing afternoon with a calming workout. It’s a good way to start off the last week of the program.

I had a little bit of a chill because of the heat being turned off for the spring/summer so I started the workout a lot colder then usual which made it very uncomfortable and stiff. I was wishing that I was in a Bikram Yoga workout tonight with a hot room and high humidity, but know I was here doing a yoga workout in a 60 degree room with goose bumps.

After about 20 minutes I was back to a light sweat and by the time I was done I was in a full sweat. Well mostly by the time I was done, the ending is super slow and easy so I was cooled off by then.

Oh… 5 more days!!

Meal of the day:

7 Egg Whites, 2 sliced of Turkey Bacon (diced), 1/4 cup of Mozzarella Cheese, 8oz Skim Milk


-Till tomorrow,


Day 84 – Rest Day

Well I would say it’s the calm before the storm but this time it’s a preview of what it going to be like in another week and for weeks after that. No workout today and in one week I will be done for this round of P90X. It’s a beautiful Sunday and I’m going to enjoy being outside working on the house and yard.

-Till Tomorrow


Day 83 – Kenpo X

Could this be it??? Oh wait, nope one more… I got nervous there for a minute. This couldn’t be the last time I do Kenpo. If it weren’t for this workout I would have quit months ago. It has been the best thing to look forward to after a long hard week doing resistance workouts. Even though I have come a long way with the other workouts about how I feel when I do them but nothing comes close to Kenpo. I start it always in a good mood and finish in a even better mood. I know that I write about this workout a lot but I wanted this blog to be for people who are looking for answers to their questions before they start the P90X program. This way I know that I’m getting my point across that even though the other workouts may get you down, Kenpo X is always a good way to end the week to keep you motivated for the next week.

It went by as fast as always and I feel like a million bucks! I’m off to the final week after a little rest day tomorrow.

Meal of the day:

6 Egg Whites, 1 slice of Low Sodium Ham, 1 medium Yukon Gold Potato, 8oz Skim Milk


-Till tomorrow


Day 82 – Legs & Back

Oh boy, this is a sad day in my book (or blog). Why you ask? Because that was the end of the resistance workouts for me. A little Kenpo tomorrow and a recovery week after that and I’m done. Time to put the chin-up bar and the push-up bars away 🙁

I felt that I did really well today as I tried to give it everything I had to finish as strong as I can. Since I’ve been using the bands for so long I decided to see how I hold up doing pull-ups the old fashioned way on the bar and I totally rocked it. I can actually do over 120 pull-ups over the course of the workout, that’s crazy!! I feel like my arms are going to fall off but I knew I have a long recovery period ahead of me so I said screw it, lets go for gold tonight.

Wall squats? Yeah I can sit and have a full conversation in the 90 degree position for the entire time, I don’t have to move up and down, and the one leg I can do for about 20 seconds each side.

I really can’t believe how far I have come since the beginning but I feel great, I look great and I’m excited to be done 🙂

8 more days!!

-Till tomorrow


Day 81 – Yoga X

I had a nice calming workout tonight. Since I’ve changed the way I did the Yoga workout (mentally, not physically), it has made the experience much better. I decided never to do the workout if I had something urgent on my mind, after doing close to 20 of these I found that if I have something on my mind I have to try to take care of it before I start. I know that is part of the Yoga experience to be able to clear your mind but I am not that person. I have tried and struggled for weeks but came to the conclusion that without a clear mind, I’m an not doing it at that time. I will either wait till later that day, or do it when my mind was clear.

The nice thing about Yoga is that I know it is an important part of the program but I do know that it can be skipped or done the next day without any major side effects. I would never say that it should be taken out of the program because I know how important it is but I will do it when I am ready.

Oh BTW only 9 more days 🙂

Meal of the day:

8oz of popcorn chicken, 1 1/2 cup of broccoli, 8oz water


-Till tomorrow


Day 80 – Back & Biceps

Wow, I can’t believe it’s the official countdown to day 90. I’ve definitely found my grove again as I begin to power through the last 10 days of this program. The back and Bicep workout is one for the books as my arms are still pumped with blood after doing that final set at the end. This time around I didn’t change weights at all and did four full sets of 25lbs! I literally thought my arms were going to fall off but I still did it. I’m on the mentality that this is the last set of this workout that I will be doing so why not really make it count. The Ab Ripper X was a tough one tonight. As always I still can’t seem to get things going towards the middle of the workout without cheating in some ways. I just haven’t got that flexibility to raise my legs in a 90 degree position at all. Even if I pull my legs with my hands I still can’t do it, at this point I’m not going to worry about it, It’s just not in my deck of cards. Something I found out over the past couple days that explains why I have been having so much trouble during the workouts… I’ve been sick! Haha, I guess when you’re eating healthy and in shape, getting a cold is something you don’t notice in normal ways. I guess I was fighting something internally and know until I got it checked out. I seem to be feeling better and my workouts have improved greatly.

Meal of the day:
6 Egg Whites, 1 slice of Ham, 3 – 4″ pancakes, 1/4 cup of Mozzarella, 8oz of Skim Milk


-Till tomorrow


Day 79 – Plyometrics

There is nothing like a little jump training to end your beautiful Tuesday. I think I’m still feeling a little sore from Fridays workout because every time I had to jump up in the air my legs were screaming. I usually never have a problem with this workout but tonight I sure felt it. I don’t know what it is but I feel that I should be doing these workouts without a problem at this point. I would hate to think that having a couple bad days would affect the rest of the program, so I’ll just say that I’m getting the Finish line jitters. My mind is saying that I’m almost done but my body is saying that it was done a couple weeks ago 🙂

Overall it was still a great workout and as the warmer weather comes in I’ve been sweating a whole lot more then I ever had. It was only a couple weeks ago that I was saying that I never sweat but these days I find myself stopping just to wipe the sweat off so I can see the TV.

Meal of the day:

6 Egg Whites, 1 Medium Potato, 1 Slice of Low Sodium Ham, 1/4 cup of Mozzarella, 8oz Skim Milk.


-Till tomorrow


Day 78 – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

Week 12, oh boy, oh boy!

I am officially on the final week of resistance workouts and I’m getting pumped for the finish line. As each minute goes by on the DVD I give it my all because I know that it will be the last time that I will be doing this workout. I have grown to like this workout much better then in the beginning. The combination of the three parts of the arms is brutal, it still hurts when I’m done and I get that arm pump within a couple moves into the workout. I feel the most ripped after I do this one, which might be the workout that I do one more time before my day 90 pictures!!

I wish that I had more to say about troubles or complaints but I feel great and this is a killer workout, what more can I say about that?


-Till tomorrow


Day 77 – Rest Day

Ahhhhh, I was nice to have the day completely off to enjoy the nice weather we are finally having in Maine. It’s been a long cold winter and I’m glad I had P90X to weather the winter but as the workout comes to an end so does the cold snowy weather!

-Till tomorrow


Day 76 – Kenpo X

Feeling much better today as I kill another Kenpo workout. I had a really tough day yesterday with the legs & back because of a lack of carbohydrates in my diet for a couple meals so last night and today I went back to eating a heavier load of carbs and what a difference it makes. I was able to compete the entire workout with a lot more energy to continue the day. Since it was a Saturday I was able to workout a little earlier and get a little more done in the evening then my usual workout, eat, clean, bathe, and sleep routine. I wish I were able to workout at 3pm every day… Life would be good!
So there is really nothing new about this workout to talk about so I will leave it at that. I love to do it still and I will keep it on my iPhone as a quick exercise whenever I’m feeling weak and un-energized.

Meal of the day:
8oz Salmon, 1 cup of String Beans


-Till tomorrow


Day 75 – Legs & Back

For the first time since I think day one I had to use the pause button today 🙁

I can only blame it on the change in diet last night and today. I ran in to a couple troubles with my timing with the food I had left in the house. I basically ran out of carbs and thought that I would be OK without them for a workout, man was I wrong. I crashed so hard about two thirds of the way in. I started feeling lightheaded and faint. I pressed pause and thought I was going to throw-up, Ewwwww! Well I guess I proved what it’s like to “bonk” during a workout. I never had that happen before where I actually had to stop, sit down and start my recovery drink. I was so disappointed that it happened but I kind of did it to myself so I understand completely. It’s going to be a heavier carb night for me and hopes that tomorrow I will be back to normal and pray that I’m not coming down with some sort of sickness.

Meal of the day: no carb 🙁

6 Egg Whites, 2 stripes of Turkey Bacon, and 1 cup of Black Coffee


-Till tomorrow,


Day 74 – Yoga X

I’m back and better then ever…

Today I decided to kick things up a little and really look at yoga in a different way. For the past couple of week I’ve bee kind of down on yoga and complaining of how slow and long it was but I realized that it was put in the program for a reason and my body and probably everyone else’s need to have that slow paced break in the week. I have been keeping up with the workouts on schedule but I really wanted to switch it up for a cardio workout instead. Last week after yoga I decided to give a cardio workout a try and proved to myself that it takes a lot out of your body and puts you in a bad position for Fridays Legs & Back workout. For this week I went back to appreciate the goodness of Yoga X and used it for all it’s worth. The abdominal part of the workout is still the hardest and I’ve finally been able to finish the moving vinyasa’s without quitting towards the last 2 minutes. Overall it was a great day and I’m looking forward to a little leg burner tomorrow.

Meal of the Day:

8oz Salmon, 1 Yukon Gold Potato, 1 Cup of Broccoli


-Till tomorrow,


Day 73 – Shoulders & Arms

Another sad day as I put the DVD into the player tonight. As with Monday’s workout this will be the last Shoulder and Arm workout that I will do for this round. As excited as I am to be one day closer to the end it still gets me upset to know that this will be the last time I see some of the people in the workouts. You kind of get used to seeing them every week and in a weird way they become your little family for 90 days. You do spend more time with them per day then most people spend with their significant others so it’s only normal that you get attached to them.

Enough of the emotions lets talk about the side Tri-Rise OK? 33… Can you do that? For some reason I have a freak-like ability to do a lots of these, I don’t know why but if there was more time I could keep going and going. It’s a motion that I must have worked out some other way in my life but when he says that if anybody can do more then 26 that he’ll come to my house… I’m still here waiting!

I just feel proud because it’s the one thing that I could really do well, otherwise I’m just barely keeping up with the weights.

Great day overall and the Ab Ripper X was killer too!

Meal of the day:

8 Egg Whites, 2 stripes of Turkey Bacon, 3 – 4″ Pancakes, 8 oz Orange Juice


– Till tomorrow


Day 72 – Plyometrics

Sweating any possible fluid out of my body was the mission for today’s workout. Success was what happened after the full 58 minutes of this routine. I tried to jump as high as I could and twist as far as I can to achieve the best results in one of the last times that I will be doing this workout this time around. It’s kind of weird to think that I won’t be doing this anymore after 2 weeks and it gets me in a slight panic to get the most out of every time the DVD goes into the player. I guess it’s a part of the overall plan where in the last phase people see the most results, also because its a week longer then the other two but it also changes your mental state as you know that after you are done that particular night you will be putting the DVD away for the last time.
I have a feeling I will be back for round two but for now I will still give it my all and I’ll worry about when I’m returning some other time!

Meal of the day:
8oz Ground Turkey, 1 cup of String beans, 2 tbsp A1 Sauce


– Till tomorrow


Day 71 – Chest & Back

Chest and back, where it all started 11 weeks ago. Once know as the workout that almost made me throw-up and face plant all in the same 58 minutes is now an walk in the park and a butt kicking workout. Pushing and pulling is the name of the game as I push past the 30+ push-ups and 25+ pull-up mark. It’s so amazing to know that you just pumped out 15 push-ups in 10 seconds and still can do another 15 before you really start to feel it. Also the arm pump when your doing heavy pants with the heaviest weight you have and then doing the lawnmowers with 2-25lb weights in one hand to get a real good 8 count on the reps. It’s all good and even going into the Ab Ripper X was a pleasurable experience throughout. I think I’m back in my stride again of pushing myself to the limits and getting all I can get out of these last few weeks.

Meal of the day:
8oz Grilled Chicken, 1 cup of Broccoli, Parmesan Cheese, 2tbsp Veri Veri Soy Vay


– Till tomorrow


Day 70 – Rest Day


I was a beautiful last day of winter as my Fiancé and I took a trip to Vermont to look at our wedding venue. It was a well-deserved rest day and I took advantage of every minute if it. I slept a little late and gave some much-needed attention to my loving other half.


– Till tomorrow


Day 69 – Kenpo X

It is almost time to videotape! I totally feel comfortable enough with how I do this workout that I might make a video to post on this blog about this workout. Since day one I have loved this one and always excelled at it. As the weeks go by I can almost use the word perfection about how I feel my form is and the way the workout is executed. I guess the challenge for me would be; who the heck would want to watch me on this video? I don’t think I’m the type of person that would watch somebody’s home video of P90x so I might do everyone a favor and keep that one to myself.

So as you can probably figure out, the workout was great as usual and I did my normal sprint high-knee runs during the water breaks so I can keep my heart rate high after those terrible block sequences. I still never figured how they made it into the program or who thought they were “P90X” material but I still do them and I will continue to find other ways to compensate for the loss in higher numbers on the monitor.

Meal of the day:

6 Egg Whites, 2oz Ham, 1/4 cup Mozzarella, 1 medium Potato, and 8oz Orange Juice.


– Till tomorrow


Day 68 – Legs & Back

For anyone that has been following me since the beginning will know that I have a love hate relationship with legs & back. It was one of the toughest workouts in the program but after a while when you build your leg strength up, it actually becomes an enjoyable workout. So tonight was one of those nights where I was pumped to do it and I loved how I felt when I was done. The wall squats are becoming a breeze now that I’m nearing the end of the program. I used to try to figure out any way where I can use my wall to possibly hold my weight somehow to make or cheat the exercise a little. Now I’m trying to find ways to make it a little harder on myself to get it to really burn again. I used to think that Tony was cheating because there was no way that he could be doing the one leg wall squat and talk and joke that he can sit there all day, but its possible and very doable.
The Ab Ripper X has been going much better these days. I feel that there are some things in that workout that I just wont be able to do. Heels to the heavens in one of them, I give it my all every other day for weeks and I have never been able to go past 15 without having my hands under my butt for support. Also on the scissors, the max I could ever do without added support is 15.
Overall, with a great week behind me and an awesome workout in front of me I’m really excited about how this week will wrap up.

Meal of the day:

8oz Salmon, 1 cup of String Beans, 1 cup of Whole Wheat Pasta, 8oz of water.


– Till tomorrow


Day 67 – Yoga X

Here we go again… Zzzzzz.

I just can’t get into a grove with the yoga anymore. I’m so pumped to do more workouts and shred some pounds of fat but I’m stuck here doing child poses and twisting triangles. Don’t get me wrong I actually love yoga and I appreciate the workout a lot, what I don’t like is how long it is during this program. I know I will continue to do yoga, probably forever, but more on my own time when I’m calm and have ample time to relax. I feel it’s really tough to break up an intense week with this workout, you’re running, jumping, lifting, pushing, pulling, sweating, and then as soon as you build up a grove of great tough workouts you have to drop this DVD in and boom, your body wants to go 100 MPH but the Yoga is creeping at a solid 25. I did do the whole workout and really gave it my full attention all the way through the Ohms, but I would have loved to do a slightly faster non-repetitive workout. Don’t get me wrong this still is a super tough workout the whole way through and I still struggle with some of the moves and actually I find that since my muscles are growing at a rather fast pace I noticed that my flexibility is actually suffering. Since I know there is no quick fix and there is only three more times that I will have to do this workout, I will quit my whining and suck it up.

Meal of the day:

6 Egg Whites, 2oz low sodium Ham, 1/4 cup of Mozzarella, 3-4″ Pancakes, 8oz Orange Juice


– Till tomorrow


Day 66 – Back & Biceps

66 days in the program and I finally did something somewhat dumb. What did I do you ask? Well, it has to do with something we should be doing every second of the day… Breathing! Today during the workout I decided to really raise the bar by upping my weights to the max on every move. The only problem that happened was that on some of the moves that I maybe should of had a lighter weight, I still tried to give it all I got and for some reason I held my breath on the real tough ones. Though usually not a problem for most people but when I hold my breath, even for a couple seconds, I get a really bad headache, almost borderline migraine pain. It’s been a couple hours and I still feel it pretty bad. I’m sure its some sort of underlining problem that I should get checked out but its been that way since I was a kid so I’m sure if its something bad, it would have been caught by doctors somewhere along the way.

Anyway, enough complaining for me… I’m ripped, pumped, and feeling great (besides a little headache).

No, but seriously, overall the workout was butt kicking! I like the variety that phase 3 has to offer, switching every week is kind of cool and it gives each muscle group an ample amount to recover after we shred it up for 50 minutes. One day closer to the end!

Meal of the day:

8oz Grilled chicken, 1/4 cup Mozzarella, 1 cup Broccoli, 2 Whole Wheat Tortillas


– Till tomorrow


Day 65 – Plyometrics

What can I possibly say about Plyo X that I haven’t said already? Even in week 10 I still love this workout from the beginning till the end. I will admit for some reason I am in total soreness from yesterday’s workout. My arms and my legs are killing me, witch made the whole jumping up and down thing a hell of a lot harder. Even though I was in pain I sill was like a jackrabbit running from a predator.

I have been doing almost all of my workouts from a new location in my house that is a little better temperature controlled then my spare bedroom upstairs. The new location, also called the living room comes complete with a solid floor to jump up and down on and a balmy 67-degree temp to go with it, much better then the 58-degree bedroom upstairs. With the added temperature I find myself being able to stretch a little farther and a bit more flexible overall. I can see a noticeable difference; even the warm-up seems to go a little smoother ten before.

So with the new room I was sweating up a flexible storm and before I knew it, it was over and I was making the ever so delicious recovery drink. I feel like I just did a plug for beach body right there but I’m totally serious when I mention that I still love the taste of the recovery drink even after 65 days of drinking it!

– Till tomorrow


Day 64 – Chest, Shoulder & Triceps

Week 10, here we come!

I can’t believe how fast the time is flying by now that I am on the home stretch, I’m getting close to the end of the workout sheets and for some of them I only will be doing the workout one more time. That said, I do feel pressured to really be at the top of my game in every routine. Thinking that in a couple weeks I will be in the best shape of my life and the results should be amazing. I keep thinking of what I want my body to look like at the end so it keeps me motivated to do my best for each move.

This workout was a mother of all sorts of hurting. I moved up to higher weights on every one of the moves. Some times 10 pounds greater then the last time I did it. I was definitely on the edge my breaking point constantly. During the one handed push-ups I was literally waiting for my arm to break! I don’t how I survived but my muscles we ready for the trip up and down but my bones were not happy with that move at all, but I got 12 out of myself without a knee on the ground. I never thought in my life would I ever be able to do one. This has been such an amazing ride so far, as much as I can’t wait for it to end, I already know that I will be back for round 2 sometime soon.

Meal of the day:

8oz Ground Turkey, 1 cup of Broccoli, 1 Yukon Gold Potato, 2 tbsp A-1 Sauce, 8oz Water


– Till tomorrow


Day 63 – Rest Day

After a good long week of hard workouts and trying to be as good as I can while I was away from my house I took this rest day for all its worth. I did spend most of the day cleaning the house but I left the DVD player off for the day. I probably still burned a bunch of calories cleaning, but at least I gave a bulk of my muscles the rest they deserve.

– Till tomorrow


Day 62 – Kenpo X

Well I’m glad that this time around I spelled the workout right the first time, haha.

So, still in Atlanta but still able to pump out an intense Kenpo X workout from the hotel room. Maybe my neighbor or the person below me wasn’t the happiest camper come 11:00 at night and I’m jumping up and down doing X jack’s all over the place. Oh well, I didn’t here any complaints or banging on the ceiling so I just kept going at full force. It was hard to try to do this workout without my usual sneakers that I use for this, I only had Sperry boat shoes so I did the routine in my socks. Bad move considering that there is carpet in the room and with all the pivot moves that I have to do during the punches and kicks you can imagine how are my feet are at this moment. I though I was going to catch my foot on fire as I twist faster and faster and the heat of friction became greater. One bad thing about the workout or at least after the workout was that I did not bring a recovery drink with me so It was a first for me to not take one. I think I’ll survive but I have become so used to them I just miss it out of habit. Water just doesn’t do the drink justice. Well overall I think this trip was very successful compared to the trip I had to Vegas a couple weeks ago. I ate well, slept well and worked out real well.

-Till tomorrow


Day 61 – Legs & Back

I fell like I have a night off because I just did this workout on Sunday night instead of having a rest day. I was able to do this workout even though I am away on a business trip in Atlanta, GA. They had a really good private gym that was included in the price of the room so I took advantage of the use of their free weights. It was really convenient that nobody was using the gym because as good as I feel I can do the workouts now, it’s still super weird to think about doing this in front of other people. So the plan was to use my iPhone as a TV to do the workout but after 5 minutes of trying to squint to look at the screen from a distance I decided that I knew the moves well enough at this point that I can just put on the earphones and do the workout that way. I totally worked, a lot better then I thought it would. I was like I was watching the video because you don’t realize how much you memorize it until you try this.

I think for being away I really kicked a hard workout and I felt proud of my workouts!

Meal of the day:
6oz Grilled Chicken, 4oz Grilled Shrimp, 2 whole wheat tortillas, 1 cup of Broccoli, 2 tbls Worcestershire sauce


– Till tomorrow


Day 60 – Yoga X

Today being a milestone day in the program I figured I would celebrate with a few progress shots of me. I will first mention before hand that today was a yoga day and it was a really calming experience as my flexibility has improved so greatly over the past couple seeks and my leg strength has enabled me to do some of the more complex moves that I was never able to do before. I used to always try and kind of say that I did them but in all honesty I really wasn’t doing them correctly.

So with out further or do…

Current condition:









Front Alt:


-Till tomorrow


Day 59 – Shoulders and Arms

This was a great continuation of the awesome workout that I had on Monday. The results we amazing compared to the last workout sheet that I filled out from week 3. I was getting stuck at only 15 lb weights last time, I was able to place 25’s in my hands tonight a work them really well to higher reps above 12. I unfortunately don’t have any heavier weight then that so I’m going to use these them at higher reps until I can get or afford the next size up. At almost a dollar a pound, a pair of 30 lb weights is a little over $60. It wouldn’t be that bad if I already didn’t buy the 10’s, 15’s, 20’s, and 25’s already… You do the math.

I wasn’t a huge fan of workout like this in the beginning, cardio was more my thing and I still like to a good plyo and kenpo, but the weight training part of the program has been paying off lately because of the visual results. I am anxious to take my day 60 shots tomorrow to see the comparison of my progress. I definitely feel that my body is changing and looking in the mirror I can start to see results. It has always been hard to see progress on yourself because I see myself every day. But when you start to see improvements that you know about it becomes a great thing.   

-Till tomorrow



Day 58 – Plyometrics

Back to a good ole regular sweat fest of a workout. After yesterdays awesome feat of extreme results I feel that I have nothing to write that could keep up with that type of story. It was a great workout of Plyo and since this has been a workout on every Tuesday since I started there has been nothing new to discover except better and better results each time. The lunges are getting lower and the jumps are getting higher. I do remember that some of the moves I would do, but when I look to see how low I am in each one of the moves, I realize how much progress I have made since the beginning. I guess this is a nostalgic week for me so far. I want to reflect back on my earlier workout and praise myself on my progress, yeah I know it’s cocky but I mean it in a positive way for people who might be in their first couple weeks of the program and that are really struggling. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and I feel it has just turned on!


Meal of the day:

6 Egg Whites, Low Sodium Ham, 1/4 cup of Mozzarella Cheese, 1 med Yukon gold Potato, 8oz Skim


– Till tomorrow


Day 57 – Chest & Back

It’s back, and it’s better then ever…

Chest and Back, once the most hated workout in the entire program has just become my new favorite! Why you ask? What happened that you like it now? Well I’ll tell you, results. That is the biggest thing that could explain what happens to your body as you go through this program, results. During the first three weeks when you are first introduced to this workout, you struggle and you try your best to keep up with the group on the DVD. You wonder how on earth they are able to do 30+ push-ups when you can barely do 2. Well all I can say is to trust in the program and by week 9 you hopefully should be right there with them or as in today’s results, blow by them… I’m not saying that I beat them in every exercise but I can proudly say that I did better then I ever imagined that I could do, close to 40 push-ups and over 20 pull-ups on each position, both rounds. I was in full power mode today. Every time I finished an exercise I would walk over to my workout sheet and look in amazement of the increase over the past 6 weeks. Some numbers quadrupled and even better, some of those numbers we done on my knees before and now it’s like a whole new person doing them.

I was very proud of myself today and I’m also happy I decided to do this program!

Meal of the day:

8oz Baked Salmon, 2/3 cup of Whole Wheat Penne, 1/2 cup of Peas


– Till tomorrow


Day 56 – Rest (Kenpo X)

For the second week in a row I have found a way to cheat a workout into the rest day. I hope big ole Tony Horton doesn’t come to my place and kick my butt because of it! I don’t know why I decided that I wanted to do a full workout tonight but as always I’m glad I did. I was very active this weekend doing a lot of housework and I guess I was just in the groove to burn some extra calories.
I have to admit something that I found today that I’m really embarrassed about. It’s small and dumb but ever since day one I have been spelling Kenpo wrong… If you haven’t been reading my blog since day one, you probable would never know because I went back through all 55 posts and edited the spelling of Kempo instead of Kenpo, Oops!
So yeah, I did it… A little cardio to finish off the week properly. I subconsciously did the workout to satisfy my urge of working on the little extra weight around my stomach that I was complaining about the other day. I won’t pretend that wasn’t the reason at all, I knew my reasoning. I hope that it’s OK that I didn’t rest today but I can’t see it being a problem.

Meal of the day,

8oz Salmon, 1 cup of Broccoli, 2/3 cup of Whole Wheat Pasta with 1 cup of Marinara.


– Till tomorrow


Day 55 – Yoga X

After a long busy day of working around the house I wasn’t really in the mood to do yoga. I was rushing around with a project that I was working on in the basement and at some point I realized that it was getting late and I still had an hour and a half workout to do. Even though it was late and my mind was somewhere else, I was still able to get a great workout tonight. I really thought I was going to half-ass it but I totally got into the workout and stayed with it the whole time. I don’t know what it is lately about the length of this workout but it never seemed to be this long. I can only blame it on the fact that in the beginning I didn’t know what I was doing so I may have been paying so much attention to every detail of the video that time just went by quickly. Now that I have memorized every word that is spoken in the workout, it probably has become a mental bore so I’m thinking it’s a lot longer now.
Well, even though it was long it was still a great time. I love that I’m able to actually look like I belong with the group, not some weirdo trying to imitate impossible moves in front of a TV.

Meal of the day:
8oz Ground Turkey, 2 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce, 1 cup of Broccoli


– Till tomorrow


Day 54 – Core Synergistics

 I would have thought at this point of the program that I would have nothing more to say about the workouts since I have been doing them all multiple times. There is really nothing new to discover or challenges to overcome but just going through the workouts and give them all you have to get the benefits of the program. I do however feel that I still have a lot more to go before I reach my personal goal to totally loose all the extra weight in my mid section. Though I know that I lost about 3-5 lbs of fat and put on about 4 lbs of muscle on my body, I still have this small area around my belly that hasn’t gone away. What bothers me is that I can see 3/4 of my abs coming through and they look great but then some extra weight covers the last 1/4. I wish that I could target weight loss. I know you can target muscle areas and I have definitely hit the mid section really hard but I also know that you will loose weight everywhere and eventually I will loose it in my stomach. I’m just getting impatient since that was the basis of why I started this program. Otherwise the workout today was great and now I’ve been obsessed with trying to loose the rest of body fat away somehow. I’d be really upset if I finish and still have the little stomach weight left.

Meal of the day:
6 Egg Whites, 1/4 cup Mozzarella, 1 med Yukon Gold Potato, 2 strips of Turkey Bacon (slightly burnt, oops!), 8 oz Orange Juice


-Till tomorrow


Day 53 – Stretch X

Hmmm, that’s about it for today. Stretch X is so calming and nice, after I’m done I really don’t want to do anything except maybe curl up into a ball and fall asleep in comfort. I love everything about this one; it’s long enough to get a good stretch but short enough to keep you engaged for the process. I have made great improvements since my last break with my flexibility. Each move is being pushed farther and farther as my posture gets even straighter. I noticed that even in my daily routine that I am walking straighter and standing taller, not that this has a lot to with Stretch X but I figured that it was a good time to say it. Another good day in the books and I’m not to sure what tomorrow brings but I’m sure it’ll be great!

Meal of the day:
8oz Salmon, 2 cups of String Beans, 2/3 Cup of Whole Grain Penne, 1 tbsp Olive Oil, 8oz Water


– Till tomorrow


Day 52 – Kenpo X

What a treat it was to get home today and find out that the workout for the evening was Kenpo X. I was expecting to have an easy night of Stretch X but I was craving a calorie burner. To my surprise I checked the P90X book and saw that Wednesday night was one of my favorites. I started as soon as I walked through the door and was able to finish my workout before 6:30. I usually don’t get done till about 8:00 pm so I had a little extra time to take care of some things around the house and prepare for dinner.

My biggest concern was the feeling of faint that I was having the past two days. It did not happen today so the only thing that I can say that could be the reason was that I was working out an hour later then I usually do on Monday and Tuesday night. It could be that one hour difference that took a toll on my body, meaning that the protein bar that I have at 3:30 as a last meal before dinner may be fully digested by the time I finish the workout and I’m actually bonking. I was able to kill it tonight all the way to the end and even after I was done I felt like I could have done it again if I wanted to.
Overall the day was great again and the workout was a smooth as all the ice that is outside on my driveway. Sweating a whole bunch really makes you feel like a million bucks when your done!

Meal of the day:
8oz Grilled Chicken, 1/4 cup Mozzarella Cheese, 1/4 diced onion, 1/4 cup low sodium chicken broth, 2 cups of Broccoli.


-Till tomorrow


Day 51 – Core Synergistics

I love how the makers of P90X consider this the recovery / non-resistance workout week, did they ever do the Core Synergistics DVD? I’m totally not complaining but I keep forgetting how rough and tough this workout is, it’s a burner. The weird thing that I noticed about this workout is that even though we are burning a bunch of calories, sweating, lifting, running, pushing, lunging, jumping, and rolling I never feel like I’m targeting anything. We do a little this and a little that but nothing is never really burning or being pushed really hard. I guess that’s the difference of this week, more like a cardio workout then anything else.

Most of the moves are straight forward and easily done without difficulty. Adding weights makes most of the moves super intense but there are no weird movements that take more time to figure out how to do them the time given so that being said the routine goes by smoothly and quickly. I remember the first time that I did this workout that I wrote on this blog how much I hated it and how terrible it was. Now I can say that I like it but I am still running into a couple problems. I noticed for the past two days that by the end of the workout I’m feeling a little faint or nauseous. I don’t know why, but it does goes away rather quickly but it still worries me a little bit so I will be keeping an eye out for consistency on that.

Overall it was a great day and super good workout. Looking forward to a little Stretch X coming soon!

Meal of the day:

Oh wait… I ate it too fast to take a picture of it, Haha!


-Till tomorrow


Day 50 – Legs & Back

Now I really did a bad thing, well hopefully not.

It was supposed to be my first day of the non-resistance workouts starting with good old Yoga X for day one of the week. Well did I do that? Nope… What I did was re-do that terrible excuse for a workout that I did in my hotel room last week. I looked at my workout sheet today and saw Yoga X and my head went down a couple notches. I know it is beneficial to do the yoga but I just did it yesterday and I had a great opportunity to catch up on the hard-core legs and back workout that I love so much. So as you can see I made the decision to go the resistance direction to give a little boost in my mood. This is a tough workout but for some reason I like it, and I feel ripped after I’m done. Though my legs usually feel like I beat them with a bat after doing the wall squats and then the one-legged wall squats, I still love it. Also since I switched to the bands for pull-ups I totally feel and see a big difference in my shoulders from being able to do higher reps. This will be the last day that I will be using the green band for pull-ups because I think I have maxed it out. I was at the point where it is stretched out to the max and it can’t go any further. I have the black band that I think is the max for the Beach Body gear that you can buy so I’m hoping that I will bring it up a couple notched with the new band. Excited to try the new one but I need to get back on track with the program starting tomorrow so it will be a week before I can try it out.

Meal of the day:

6oz grilled chicken, 1 cup brown rice, 1 cup broccoli, 3 tbsp stir-fry sauce.

Chicken_Rice _Brocolli

-Till tomorrow


Day 49 – Rest Day – Yoga X

Yeah I know, it’s supposed to be a rest day but I could not help it. I’ve been beating myself up about the poor performance last week while I was in Vegas. I missed the Yoga workout because of being up for 36 hours and I had no energy left in my body to even put in the DVD.
I mixed up the program a little bit to fix the lack of skills last week by doing Yoga X on my rest day, and I feel great about it. At first I didn’t want to and I battled the thoughts in my mind to just skip the workout and continue on with my day but I forced myself to start and once I did, I couldn’t stop.
I have to say, I don’t know if it is because I had an off week but, did this workout get longer? Yes I’m glad I did it but Yoga X never ends… I felt like I was working out for hours. Obviously I know it’s the longest of all the workouts but it seems so much longer then an hour and a half. I also noticed that I kind of hit a wall of flexibility. I haven’t been able to get much further then my big improvements in Phase 1. I would like to get a little more flexible if possible so I’m going to really concentrate on that during this next week off.

Meal of the day:
Simple… 5oz Tuna fish 1 tbsp light mayo, whole wheat wrap, 1/2 cup peas


– Till tomorrow


Day 48 – Kenpo X

Today was the last day of the Phase II resistance workouts and as last time it was an amazing. Though I’m totally into a groove lately I think it’s a good time in the program to have a change of pace. I don’t feel like I need a break but I noticed that my shoulders and biceps have been taking a beating during this phase and they could use a little rest and recovery. As I recall, I know this week coming up was no easy feat, last time I was miserable during the Core Synergistic workout but it was 4 weeks ago and I’m ready to tackle it with full force.

So to get back to today, Kenpo X, one of my absolute favorite P90X workouts. Pushing myself to the limits is a must for this one. I know after doing this workout 7 times that if I want to make it count I have to come up with other ways beside the workout to keep my heart rate up. If I follow along at there pace I feel like I’m not getting a good rate going. Things that I do to keep the heart going are to do X Jacks in between each set and for the full break. That way I get into my zone and I use the actual sets to bring my breathing back down. I don’t know why I have so much trouble with this one but I did half of the workout at their pace and my rate never went over 130. Kind of like a joke, but in no way am I dogging it, I’m pushing, twisting, punching and kicking just as hard of not harder then they are. The only thing that I haven’t got down is the whole ankle twist. The woman in the front and the guy in the back look like they are on ice they way that they are able to pivot their feet. It’s amazing how precise their footwork is.

Overall I was very happy with my results today and I’m going to miss not doing this workout next week. I’d like to find more answers about what is up with Tony’s heart during this workout because I never talked to anyone that comes near his rate after doing the blocking sequence.

Meal of the day:

6 Egg Whites, 4oz Grilled Chicken, 1 diced Yukon Gold Potato, 2 stripes of Turkey Bacon, and 8oz of Orange Juice


-Till tomorrow


Day 47 – Legs & Back

I’m back and better then ever!

It feels so good to be back home and eating healthy again. I got a fantastic night sleep with a little help from Advil PM to make sure I slept the whole night through. I had a fear that after being awake for 36 hours that I would not be able to go to sleep, sounds weird but happens to me often enough.
So after a great night sleep and back to eating healthy again I was able to rip though this workout with ease. I really enjoyed that I was able to workout so well and get back to the satisfaction of a good workout. When I was away and falling off the nutrition train, I was really down on myself because I knew I was doing so well before I left and I though it would take a while to get back. I had to say that I came back very quickly and I have been able to do an incredible Ab Ripper X workout almost every time. I am almost at the point where the Ab Ripper is enjoyable; I never thought I would say that!
I woke up a little later this morning so I was not able to make the huge breakfast I was craving since I left so I had a quick Protein drink and out the door I went. The dinner was real good and I finally got my camera out.

Meal of the Day:
8oz Salmon, 1 Cup Broccoli, 1 chopped Yukon Gold Potato with shallots.


-Till tomorrow


Day 46 – Yoga X

After a really long day of traveling the best thing to do is Yoga… Haha, yeah well the best-laid plans sometime stink! I was on the red-eye flight back from Las Vegas last night, meaning that I got up at 7:30am and did a workout, spent the entire day on my feet at a trade show, then waited till 11:20pm for my plane to take off from Vegas, then connect in Detroit at 9am to fly to Portland, ME by 11am then lastly drive 2 hours home. Lets just say by the time I got home, settled in, ate a meal, went food shopping, and lastly made a lesson plan for teaching all day tomorrow that I could not find the power to do an hour and a half yoga workout. It was a first time for me not doing a workout but I really had no choice. I was up for 36 hours straight and was eating terrible. Physically and emotional drained I took this as my rest day and I will make up the Yoga X on Sunday instead.

-Till tomorrow


Day 45 – Back and Biceps

This is day three of being in Las Vegas and I can honestly say that keeping up with workouts and eating properly is impossible. I have spent more time looking for healthy foods to eat then I should have. I was walking for miles up and down the strip thinking I could find some kind of deli or heath food store but I was totally wrong. It’s one worse place after another.

Even though I didn’t find any healthy choices I tried to stick with the basics, spaghetti with marinara, or chicken marsala was the choice today. I felt like I was doing something wrong which was totally silly. I am still human and I can eat foods like that in moderation, I just have to limit myself from eating huge amounts but I can still do it and get a great workout afterwards, and I did. Using the bands tied the entrainment center in the hotel room was the way I pushed through all of the pull-ups and I also used them to pump up the biceps. It was the first time I used the bands 100% of the workout and it worked out fine.

Overall the workout went better then expected considering that I was off of the nutrition train for a while but I will be back home tomorrow night and hopefully I will be able to eat better soon!

-Till tomorrow


Day 44 – Plyometrics

 I hope the couple in the room below me didn’t mind, but I was giving all I got in the Plyo workout today. Even though I was not able to eat as well as I would like to because of a long day of being at a conference I still gave it 110%. There were moments that I felt sick and had cramps but I pushed through it and made it work. I have never sweated so much in my life while doing a workout but for some reason today was a different story. I have to believe that it was the temperature in the room. I usually workout at home in my spare bedroom at a temp around 60 degrees. It’s tough to start but I guess it limits my sweating a huge amount. This room was a different story. I had the AC on, but only on 72 degrees. I was drenched with sweat like never before. I was nice but I wasn’t used to stopping after every set to wipe my face off so I could see the screen and not have the burning in my eyes.

I would have loved to post a picture of some of the food I had today but I feel that if I did I would regret it later. Las Vegas is not known to be the healthiest place on earth. With legal prostitution, alcohol allowed on the streets, and smoking inside buildings I can assume that eating healthy is not on their priority list.

– Till tomorrow


Day 43 – Chest, Shoulder & Triceps

Working out in Las Vegas… Never would I have thought that the first visit and within the first hour of being here would I be doing this type of workout in my hotel room. I finally made it here after almost 24 hours of traveling but the only thing that I was thinking the whole time was “I can’t wait to get there so I can workout” It’s not like I’m addicted, I just felt like I would feel better after such a crazy day of traveling to do something that was good for me. I think after being on a plane and sitting for so many hours that I was feeling lazy and I was to use the workout to redeem myself.
I was able to do an incredible workout even though I was in a hotel room. I cleared the room of at least a 8 x 8 foot area and gathered things that I could use for weights. Since there wasn’t much weight needed I was able to get by with using ice buckets, lamps, and weighted pillows. It totally worked fine and I was sweating and feeling the burn on my arms. I didn’t bring my push up bars but I still was able to crank out more push-ups then I ever had before so I was happy as could be.

I don’t think I have any good pictures of meals today so I will try again tomorrow.

-Till tomorrow


Day 42 – Rest Day

We are back to another Sunday. I get to rest for at least half the day and then the other half of the day I will be traveling to Las Vegas for WPPI or Wedding & Portrait Photographer International Conference.
The next couple days will be super hard to write and take pictures. I will try my best to update on all that I can do in the hotel room as far as workouts. I will be bringing my yoga mat, heart rate monitor, bands, P90x Bars and Recovery Drinks.
It will be weird to do this while I’m gone but I am totally committed and ready to do my best!

– Till tomorrow


Day 41 – Kenpo X

A nice day off of work and an even better day for Kenpo X. I didn’t do that well with eating today because I was home and I’m going away for 5 days tomorrow so I didn’t want to go food shopping for one or two meals. I ate good things but I just didn’t eat enough. I fell short on my vegetables and a carbohydrates. I was able to do the workout to its fullest but I noticed a little cramping in my upper chest once I really started getting into it. I was able to breath deeper and push through the pain but I think that was a direct result from not eating a full nutrition packed day.

The workout was awesome through. Still one of my favorites and one that I know that I will continue to do so after the 90 days are up. I also did the workout in a different section of my house today, which was nice in some ways but terrible in others. The good part is that I get to watch it in front a 50″ TV and it’s on the bottom floor of the house so the floor is solid. The bad part is that my hardwood floors were a little slippery, not like too much oil but more like I pulled an area rug away and it may have been a little dusty so it was trying to workout on powder. A little tough when trying to do anything in that workout. I was sliding around like I was on ice!
I noticed I was really sore from yesterdays workout, My butt was the most painful, I really tried to get as low as I could during the Goucho walk and I think I was really working the glutes on that one.
Overall it was another great day in P90X land and we’ll get to see how hard it is to do workouts while your in Vegas for 5 days… Stay tuned!

Meal of the day:
1 Cup Pasta, 1/2 Cup Peas, 3 oz Shrimp


-Till tomorrow


Day 40 – Legs & Back

Yesterday was definitely a day for complaining, I promise today is going to be different. As much as I love to be as positive about everything I do in life, every once and a while I have a bad day and I feel like yesterday was one of them. Today I’m back on track. I had a great day and an even better workout. The legs & back workout goes by super fast and I love the way I feel when I’m done. The legs are screaming out in a good pain and the back muscles from all the pull-ups are pumped and flexed.
The Ab Ripper X didn’t go as well as Monday but I still did very well. Now that I had a day that I completed the entire workout I can scale back and try to perfect each move a little better. I still struggle on the scissors and the heel to the heavens part. My lower back hasn’t been able to handle that angle since day one and my legs are still struggling to get in a 90-degree position during the scissor.
Overall I fell 100% better then yesterday and I apologize about complaining so much yesterday.

Meal of the day:
8oz Grilled Chicken with 3tbsp of Worcestershire, 1 cup Penne, 1 cup Marinara, 1/2 cup Mozzarella.


– Till tomorrow,


Day 39 – Yoga X

Today I hit some point of realization that this is not all fun and games. There is a lot more to this program then following the rules and doing the best that you can. Something happened today that I have hasn’t happened before. I just didn’t want to do anything, the whole combination of how the day unfolded led me to not want to do the workout tonight at all. I did do it, but my heart wasn’t in it.

A quick rundown of the day is that last night I didn’t get to sleep till much later then usual which threw my morning off a bit. Instead of making a nice big breakfast, I settled for the old Protein Shake. The workday was long and I hit all of my nutritional goals during that period. The point that it got tough is when I had to go to a social meeting after work at my bosses house that was in conflict with my workout schedule. Now there are a lot of people that I am able to explain what I am doing and get out of the conflict with understanding. When it’s your boss, you just don’t chance that.

I went a little early to help out thinking I could sneak out a little early to get home at a good time to still workout, eat, digest and go to sleep. Again, that wasn’t the case. I stayed for about three hours until I forced myself to make a stand and leave. It was a clean break but after staring at a group of people eating such great food and I couldn’t touch it, I knew it was time to go. I was starving and now three hours behind schedule.

I got home as soon as I could to rush to start Yoga. Right off the bat that isn’t good. Yoga has always been a calming routine so I was already doomed from the start. Since this is one of the longest P90X workouts, I felt anxiety about eating and sleeping, not having enough time, this is taking to long, I don’t want to do this, all sorts of bad thoughts.

The point of this whole story is to explain that beyond the workouts being physically tough and the dedication is a must. In order to really succeed, you must push through these thoughts and still give every exercise everything you have. I didn’t to do anything tonight except for sleep but guess what? I’m still here after I did and hour and a half of Yoga X and cooked a full meal, and ate, and now writing in my blog. You can do it, but you have to BRING IT!


-Till tomorrow



Day 38 – Back & Biceps

I just finished the Back & Biceps workout a couple minutes and I couldn’t wait another minute to write down in my blog that I finally completed the Ab Ripper X in its entirety! 349 Core / Abdominal exercises completed and I am so excited to say so. It was the 18th time that I attempted to do this and with hard work and a lot of complaining I did it!
After completing an intense set of hammer curls I thought my arms were going to pop out of my skin again. The amount of swelling that happens around my bicep and forearm is incredible. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing but all I know is that it kind of hurts, but it’s a good hurt. Sometimes I feel that when I do curls that I’m not able to complete a full rep because my bicep and forearm are pushing against each other toward the end of the movement.
Overall I am so relieved that today was the day to complete the whole Ab Ripper X workout. I never though it would ever happen and now that it did, I can really concentrate on making it pretty. I’m sure I will still have my good days and bad days where I wont be able to complete it again but I know that a head of time and if I can remember that when it happens I wont get myself down.

Meal of the day:
6 Egg Whites, Turkey Bacon, 1/4 Cup Mozzarella Cheese, 8oz Orange Juice


– Till tomorrow


Day 37 – Plyometrics

 They say it’s the mother of all P90X workouts and I guess at some point it will be. For today I will kick the crap out of this workout and move on to the next. I can actually say that I still love thins one and it goes by quick. I’m able to push this one real hard for the sake of keeping my heart rate up. My leg strength has been in top form over the past couple weeks so a lot of the lunges and squats are a great routine to go through while not killing myself to do them. I like how I can go through the workout smoothly and by the end feel like I had a great time and I could continue to do activities afterwards. I can remember a couple weeks ago that on most of the workouts at the end I was having a tough time cooking dinner.

I’m starting to wonder how much this new feeling of accomplishment is due to the change in eating in the afternoons. About a week ago I started to have the P90X protein bars at 3:30pm and not eat anything before my workout at 6pm. I used to have a protein shake at 5pm and workout at 6. I did well but now I just have been feeling much more energized after the workouts. I could also be the fact that I am on Phase II of the nutrition guide, which adds 2 more carbohydrates to the day. I can maybe see that having a serving of carbs for breakfast and lunch will give me more energy for the workout at night.

Overall the workout was a lot of sweat and getting airborne. I can’t remember the guys name from the video but I like keeping up with his pace. He’s jumping all over the place and taking the already hard workout to the next level.

Meal of the day:

8oz Grilled Chicken, 1 Cup Long Grain Brown Rice, 1 Cup Broccoli,  3 tbsp Veri Veri Teriyaki Sauce


– Till tomorrow


Day 36 – Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps

Back home and glad to be on schedule again. A great start to the week getting to do this workout. Its hardcore and one of the toughest in the program. It is the most basic but the moves for me tend to be tough because I’m not a body builder. Spending my whole life being quick on my feet and mostly about cardio and endurance, I find it awkward to “pump iron” sometimes. I’m getting used to it but I know that I have a long way to go before I’m using bigger weights. When I pick up the same weight that the woman is using it really doesn’t do anything for the self-esteem.

On a good note, my push-ups have gone up quite a bit. I spent most of the workout pushing myself to the limits and off of my knees. I figured out how to do the one arm push-up… Awesome!
Overall the workout was very good and the Ab Ripper X was intense. I’m really close to completing the whole thing without stopping, and the Mason twists… 50, what up!!

Meal of the day:
8oz Ground Turkey, P90X Gravy, 1 Cup String Beans, 1 Cup Baked Ziti


-Till tomorrow


Day 35 – Rest Day

It’s another rest day for me. Luckily I’m spending most of it in the car driving back to Maine. I think I’m doing much better with food on the road, so I packed everything I could before I left and slowly eating it on my way back. Protein Shakes, P90X bars, and lots of water to flush out some of the higher sodium based food that I had this weekend.

-Till tomorrow


Day 34 – Kenpo X

The day of my engagement part brought a whole bunch of new challenges to the program. When you have a party with 40 people that are there for you and your fiancé, it is really tough to say that you can’t eat all this food that was prepared for you and stick to eating tuna and whole wheat for the evening. It was tough but not impossible to do. I feel that I did very well for the type of foods that we offered to eat. You can almost always find the good in food even if you think that it’s going to be bad. Take for example Baked Ziti. Depending on who prepared the meal there are three main ingredients in the dish, Pasta, cheese and marinara. All three are on the P90x Nutrition guide so if you keep your proportions in check you’ll be OK with the meal. If you take most of the deserts away and find the fruit salad at the end of the table, you’re a lot better off then ever at this point. Overall the meal went well and I had a couple of bad things that I rather not mention for my own sake but I think it went well. I feel great and I did my workout after the crowd of people left.Tonight was Kenpo X and if anybody is getting to know me by now I can honestly say that this is always my favorite workout. It always goes by so fast and I love cardiovascular workouts. I ended up doing the workout in my fiancé’s basement but it worked out quite nice and I was able to get into the routine without feeling awkward while kicking and yelling at my laptop.

I’ve really been able to push this workout to the max and get the heart rate to stay solid in the zone. I found that if I go at their pace that I don’t get the burn that I need anymore. If I go at my own pace I can really get the full feeling of accomplishment after I’m done. I think I’m doing well with this one and as always I can’t wait till next week to do it again.


-Till tomorrow



Day 33 – Legs & Back

Today was day two of being on the road away from home. I find it very tough to keep on a good nutrition track while I’ve been away but luckily I was at one single location for most of the day and was at least able to go food shopping to gather things that I could use in the kitchen. The day was going to be broken up in the evening so I decided to do my workout in the mid-morning. I had a great full breakfast including a 6 egg white, breakfast potato, turkey bacon, fruit salad, and yogurt plate of heaven. After I digested a full meal like that I gave myself a couple hours before I started the workout.

Doing a resistance workout from another place from home was a little weird but still doable. I brought my weight bands with me so I was able to do the pull-ups without a problem but since I didn’t bring a full set of weights with me I had to do all the legwork without the little extra resistance pulling down on the arms. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do a full cool down because I was in a rush to get to an occasion, so it was a finish and go which was something else that I didn’t like and it took me about a half hour before I was able to get myself back into a calm state. I did have my recovery drink on the road but without a full cool down I definitely noticed a difference in stiffness in my legs after I got out of my car an hour later. I was really beat and worn out.

One last thing for the day is that I did eat well but I was under the calorie mark by almost 800 today. I couldn’t find any time to eat since I was running around the whole time after I was done with the workout. Tomorrow will be another tough one, as the day will be filled with preparing for a party and then having the party. We’ll see how it goes.

-Till tomorrow


Day 32 – Yoga X

Today was the first day that I was away from my home on a road trip to New Jersey. The trip was supposed to take 7 hours but with a couple stops along the way and some heavy traffic in New York the total time in the car was close to 12 hours.

So, what does this all mean? Trying to eat a P90X diet while driving on the road is HARD! Not only did I realize that every rest stop is a wasteland of crappy food, but also the even the places that claim to be healthy are just covering up their bad food with lettuce and saying it’s healthy. Since this was my first time being out in the “real world” of food, I found it terribly hard to get a good meal. Don’t get me wrong, I know it is totally possible, I just haven’t found that place or meals yet.

I was lucky enough to plan enough time in the morning to prepare a huge breakfast before I left at 5:00am. After that it was a cup of black coffee and a P90X Protein Bar. That at least got me to lunch without starving to death. Lunch was where I failed. I drove to two rest stops and ended up finding a Panera Bread of an exit on the highway. I remember reading an article that they were rated the healthiest fast foods joints in the country. I went in thinking that I would be able to get a nice whole wheat tuna wrap but to my surprise, the healthiest menu item that I ended up with was a whole grain bagel with low-fat cream cheese. Not the greatest meal but certainly not the worst. After that mediocre lunch it was back in the car for another 5 hours before I stopped again for food. This stop was only for Sugar snap peas. It was a little snack but held me over until I was at my location and ready for dinner.

The last meal of the day was before I did yoga so that was something that I never did. It was weird to have a full meal and then have to workout. Luckily it was only yoga and not a cardio night.

Yoga was great tonight. I did the workout with my fiancé, which was also a change from the usual, but I felt that it helped to have someone else there for a change to talk and discuss some of the moves. My flexibility is greater plus the moves are becoming more fluid.

Overall I had a tough day of traveling and even tougher day of trying to eat healthy. The workout was great and I’m off to bed.

Meal of the day:

6 Egg Whites, 1/4 cup Mozzarella Cheese, Turkey Bacon, Whole Wheat Tortilla, and Orange Juice.


– Till tomorrow


Day 31 – Back & Biceps

Another great day of pumping iron. This is the first time in the program that this workout is introduced and I have to say that I like it already. Yes it was tough on the arms but it was a good tough. I felt for most of the routine that my biceps were going to rip out of my skin because of some kind of swelling. I don’t know if this is what people call arm pump or not. It kind of was like a cramp in my arm, or a Charley Horse in my bicep. I didn’t run out of strength but it was nearly impossible to complete a rep unless I took a couple minute breaks and shook out my arms. It was mostly in my right one but sometimes it was both.

When doing the pull-ups for this workout I started out doing them normally and then I switched to the bands for the first time. I was using the same one as the guy on the DVD and I was able to keep up for once. I don’t think that I was being a wimp when it came to how far I was with the bands, meaning how taught the tension was. I was as far back as I could go without them pulling me off the ground. For every other exercise that I’ve done with the bands I totally hated but for the pull-ups, I think I found a new friend.
Lastly I’d like to talk about a much better day that I had during Ab Ripper X workout. I paced my self and found that I am actually improving. Another great thing that I learned today is that I haven’t been breathing fully during the mason twists. Today I did all 50! It was one of my greatest accomplishments since I started 31 days ago. I don’t know about you but I think it’s a big deal.

I’m going to be on the road for the next couple of days so I will see how I handle the program being outside of my daily routine. I know that is going to be hard to eat as well as I have been because I’ll be doing 2 eight-hour trips in the next 4 days. That is definitely a long time in a car away from my kitchen of healthy food.

I’ll do my best to keep posting…

-Till tomorrow


Day 30 – Plyometrics

Day 30!!  WooHooo!!

That means I officially made it through a third of the program. What better workout to have on day 30 then Plyometrics, my favorite! I’m so excited, if you couldn’t tell already. Do you know what day 30 means? More pictures! Not just food pictures this time, but pictures of me.
I will do the best I can to show the start picture besides the day 30 picture but depending on your browser, it might not work that way.
So my feelings of the program so far…

1. I love it; it is one of the toughest changes I ever had to do with my body.
2. I’m sticking with it. Even though I am an “instant gratification” kind of person, I know that this is going to pay off in the end. I do believe in the program.
3. I think it would be better if the moves were explained better. I feel that sometimes I’m guessing on what the move is supposed to be. When your dealing with heavy weights, you could really mess yourself up if you do it wrong.
4. The New & Improved recovery drink is good! I don’t know what was in the first round of the recovery drink, but I have never heard so many people complain about the taste of the new one. You all sound like crack addicts about that old stuff, get over it…
5. It is a ton of dedication. When they say to tell your friends and family about it, you have too. You will be so surprised how many people offer you crappy food when your doing this program. Plus the time it takes to do the program is HUGE. Between the extra time to prepare meals and the minimal 60-120 minute exercises everyday. There is no down time and even on your day off your still going to do something. I do not recommend this program to anybody that is not ready to commit to 90 straight days of intense workouts. They don’t get easier with time. They get harder. I have been sore for almost 30 days straight. I love it, but its not going away. It’s a good pain of satisfaction, but its pain!

Weight day 1: 162.6        Weight day 30: 164.5 lbs


Day 1                                  Day 30


Day 1                                 Day 30


Day 1                                Day 30

-Till tomorrow


Day 29 – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

Today was the first day back from a week of total non-weight resistance type workouts. It was no week off, but it was no workout like this. This one was tough, tough, tough!

I have lifted more weight today in my arms then I ever had in my life. There were no pull-ups to day today but I almost rather have had to do some then do what I did. The push-ups were definitely the hardest part of today from the “Two-Twitch Speed Push-ups to the worst of all, “one arm push-up”.
I thought my arms were going to fall off. I was shocked to think that one day I will be able to do all of these exercises like the group in the video. Sometimes your doing the reps one by one and just when you think it’s over, you do 10 more moves just like it. This program is built for machines. If you are a type of person that has just been reading this blog to see if your ready, I’d say stop reading and start practicing your push-ups.
I unfortunately was going through some collarbone issues the past couple of arm movements. I broke my Clavicle many years ago and I have a feeling that it never healed right and now that I’m putting all this strain on it, it’s starting to yell back at me. It definitely is painful so I’m going to keep an eye on it and possibly try to take it easy to avoid permanent injury.
Ab Ripper X was OK, I haven’t excelled passed my record workout that I had a couple weeks ago but I’m Maintaining good form and a solid effort.
Overall I feel that for this being my first day back on resistance training and the first time I did this workout that I did very well and I’m proud of what I did today,

Meal of the day:
8oz 94% Lean Ground Turkey, P90X Gravy, 1 serving of Breakfast Potatoes, 1 cup String Beans.
Turkey & Gravy

– Till tomorrow


Day 28 – Rest Day

Finally finished with Phase one of the program… 4 weeks down and 9 more to go!!

I’m really excited about this program and to celebrate I went to our local mountain and did a little snowboarding for the day. It was a beautiful day and some great snow to go with it. Now I’m also switching to the new phase II of the nutrition plan tomorrow, adding 2 more carbs and one less protein to the day.
I’m excited for that too!

-Till tomorrow


Day 27 – Yoga

Ahhh Yoga,
The only thing I can think of doing after shoveling snow for 4 hours… I was a much needed stretch / relaxation period of time that I can dedicate and hour and a half to. I think I’m starting to find the enjoyment of yoga now that the moves are becoming more fluid and precise. I still love the fact that it is a calming experience yet we still have sweat dripping off the forehead. The moves are still tough but my flexibility is definitely getting better. I can finally do the triangle pose with my hand flat on the ground and my strength has gained over the last couple times because I can do the Crane for the full 60 seconds.
The moves that I still struggle with are all in the Yoga Belly 7 part…

Touch the sky – I can finally do.
Boat – I can do well.
Half Boat – I can do for 15 seconds each side.
Scissor – Totally struggle with this one, I can’t get my legs at a 90 degree, only about 45 degrees.
Torso Twist Hold – Not so well on this one ether.
Deep Torso Twist Hold – I can do this one much better then the above.
Touch the Sky – by this point I’m wiped and have no chance of this one.

After the struggle with the above, it is smooth sailing to freedom. The last 20 minutes are the best stretches and poses. Happy baby, Shavasana, Fetal pose, come on how can you not love that?

Overall it was great and even though I cant do them all, I still enjoy trying. Eventually I will perfect them all and look good while I’m doing it.

Meal of the day:
5oz Tuna Fish on Whole Wheat, Romaine W/ Sweet Onions, Balsamic, and Organic Whole Grain Croutons.

Tuna, water, salad

-Till tomorrow


Day 26 – Core Synergistics

Wow, What an amazing difference. I must have really been wiped the last time I did this workout on Monday. Though it was my first time doing it, I really felt terrible when I was done. I was shaky, and nauseous, complaining and ready to quit, today totally different story. I pushed through and kept up well. I used heavy weights, engaged the core, and did some high reps. it was a great workout!

There are many moves in this workout that are hard to do, at least I think so. The table one leg up reverse push-up is a little extreme for me at the moment but I still did 20. They weren’t pretty but I did my best. Another one that I had a little trouble with was the superman / banana combo. It took a while to get the actual move down then he was switching between the two every 3 seconds and I ran out of space on my floor. I kept hitting the wall which through off everything, quite funny to watch if you happen to be looking through my window

I have changed my diet a little bit today and I hope that it make a big impact on my workouts at the end of the day. I may have been doing a bad think by drinking a protein shake about an hour before my workout. I never knew about working out on an empty stomach. At first I thought that was crazy and I would definitely run out of steam during the routine. Well, I’ve tried it for two days now, and my past two days of workouts were great. Take it that last night was just stretching, but tonight was a hard workout that needed energy and I had it. I have also introduced a little bit more carbs into the day. Usually the most carbs that I had during a 24-hour period was one or two slices of bread. So today I added a couple plain pancakes and a whole-wheat bagel. I’m trying an experiment where instead of eating carbs at night and working out in the morning like most people do, I will eat my carbs in the morning and let 8-10 hours pass then do my workout at night. I can only assume that it’s the same thing except I don’t have to go to bed with carbs in my stomach.

Meal of the day:

8 Egg Whites, 4oz diced low sodium Ham, 1/3 cup Mozzarella, 12oz Orange Juice

Eggs & Turkey

-Till tomorrow


Day 25 – Stretch X

What can I say about Stretch X that could be bad… Nothing, absolutely nothing!

It was the most calming exercise that I have ever done. The moves we not difficult at all but they all did something. It was a chance to see how much progress I have made since I started the program only a couple weeks ago. I remember trying to do the sun salutations for the first time in Yoga X and having trouble with that move, now it’s a great way to warm up. I really wish that I took advantage of this workout sooner then I did. I kept saying that I was going to do this DVD on Sundays but I never did. Now I want to wake up to this in the morning. It was like getting a full body message without having to pay for it 🙂

I really hope that I get to do this workout more often then before. It was only suggested in the beginning but I feel that this is a crucial routine that should have been first on the list of DVDs. It even explains the moves much better then any of the other workouts.

Overall, I loved it and I may look into doing this every morning as a really nice way to wake-up!

Meal of the day:
8oz 99% lean Ground Turkey broiled, 3 tbsp P90X Gravy, 1 Cup String Beans.

Ground Turkey & P90x Gravy

-Till tomorrow


Day 24 – Kenpo X

Back in action!

I was able to achieve my goal of not letting the back pain and the tough workout from yesterday get me down. After shoveling over 20″ of snow for two hours, I then did the Kenpo X workout, that’s hard core!
I once again had the day off because of the snow and I was able to spend most of the day in bed resting my back. I of course made some killer meals today because I had the time, but besides that it was under the sheets till about 3:00pm when I decided to go tackle the white stuff outside.
I look at shoveling as another type of P90X workout. Its X shovel! I maintain good form, I engage the core, and I do 25 reps on one side then I switch to the other. Sometimes I shovel low with a straight back, and then I switch to throwing it high. I do that for two hours and I got myself a workout.
After being outside and starting to sweat I finally finished around 5:00pm. I had a protein shake then rested for another hour before I started to do tonight’s workout.

Back to Kenpo X, my favorite! I was very skeptical that I would be able to do this workout with my back in the condition that It was yesterday. I was still hurting real bad as I went into this one. It seemed the most painful when I would bend over to tie my shoes. Only then would the pain really shout out, otherwise it felt OK. I thought that the kicks would kill me tonight but I said I got to BRING IT!
I was able to do the warm-ups and stretches fine and before I knew it I was already halfway done with the workout.
My hear rate for some reason stayed lower today then it ever did. I don’t know why. I was giving the same performance as I always do, if anything I was pushing harder today to try to out do my last one.
I wonder if the more you do a workout the easier it is on the body once you have developed the muscles and the stamina. I’m guessing that is where the “muscle confusion” part of P90X comes from.

Overall I kicked some serious butt today and I am nervous for another new workout tomorrow. It’s only Stretch X but anything with an X at the end of it means it’s tough!

Meal of the day:
8 Egg whites with 1/3 cup of Mozzarella Cheese, Turkey Bacon, and 12oz Orange Juice.

Eggs & Turkey Bacon

-Till tomorrow


Day 23 – Core Synergistics

OK, time to admit failure… Recovery week my a$$. This was an intensive workout, I feel like I’m back at day one of the program. I’m nauseous, I’m sweating, I’m shaking, and in pain. I definitely know that my back pain from yesterday is playing a huge role in today’s performance but I’m not feeling so well after this one. It was a struggle the whole time for me except for the exercises that didn’t use the lower back. Any of the ones like the banana and the superman we so painful I just did the lower half of the exercise to do something instead of stopping.

I can only hope that it is because it was my first time doing this routine of Core Synergistics that I was having so much trouble. I remember after I was done with day 1 I felt this way and I think much differently about that workout now. I’m trying to be as positive about today as possible but I know from past experience that a trouble back today can lead to a bed ridden week tomorrow. So I will be careful for the next 48 hours and know that I need some repair before I can go full speed again.

Overall I’m OK with how I did today considering it was a new routine and I went into it with a sore possibly pulled back muscle. I did feel today for the first time that I “bonked” about halfway and that has never happened to me before but you can definitely feel it when it happens. You are working out fine and all of a sudden your whole body crashes from weakness and loss of power. I need to re evaluate what I ate today and figure out what happened.

Too exhausted to post a picture tonight but I will have one soon!

-Till tomorrow


Day 22 – Yoga

Well for any of you that have been following me from day one, you probably wondering why I’m doing yoga on a Monday? I’ll tell you, because I’m on my recovery week!

Part of the program is to work out really hard for three weeks straight then a week off to give your muscles a chance to recover and build stronger. It is a concept I don’t really get yet but I have to put faith in the upper powers that came up with P90X. I also have an issue with continuing to eat the same amount of calories during this week and not doing the intense workouts. Well I kind of thought that until I actually looked at the schedule for the week and it’s not that much easier. As we all might know by now if you have been keeping up with me is that the Yoga X workout is no joke and not your typical beautiful yoga routine. It’s tough, strenuous, and really hard to do.

I’d like to talk a little bit out loud about the Yoga X workout since I’m on the topic. This would be my forth time doing the routine and today was the first time that I really did an evaluation of my performance. I wasn’t disappointed but I found that I have a long way to go to perfection. A lot of my positions were done correctly but my flexibility is only about half what the other members are doing. That hardest part for me is when we are in downward dog and we have to lift one leg back and point to the sky. At this point I can just get about parallel to the ground, these guys are almost pointing to the ceiling. The other is the move where he wants you to get toe lock? For some reason I can only do my left side and I’m not even close to getting a straight back, I’m all hunched over like Igor on that one.
I guess this is a good week to practice a little more on that routine and technique.
Oh, and for the first time I had to stop over an extreme pain in my lower back. For sure I though I was a goner. During the wheel, which I have no idea how I pulled that one off, I decided that I will attempt to lift one of my legs to do the super advanced move… Dumb idea! I instantly crashed to the ground in tears of pain; I felt the lower back muscle tear as it tried to take all the weight of my body. I have been OK for the past hour but as time goes by it’s getting really sore. I hope I’ll be OK tomorrow but having a bad back to begin with, it’s not looking good. I will do my best to keep the blog updated with my recovery, but I will hope for the best and forget the rest!

Meal of the day:
8oz Ground Turkey, 3.5oz of P90X Gravy, 1 cup Steamed Broccoli
Turkey and p90x Gravy


-Till tomorrow


Day 21 – Rest Day


Oh Sundays… How I love my Sundays.
It’s a day to rest and a day to recover but also a day to not write a long blog post. I love to write but today I had an especially busy day and I’m still going with everything I pushed off from doing during the week.

So that is it for today, I feel great and I’m excited for the week off from the harder workouts.

-Till tomorrow


Day 20 – Kenpo X

Did I mention I love this workout? I never want it to end and even while I’m doing it I think “why is this going by so fast?” I guess I just love cardio.

Being my third and final week doing the harder exercises in phase 1 I have a love hate feeling about leaving this part behind. It was my biggest struggle and my wake-up call to myself saying, “You are not in as good of shape as you thought.” I’m so glad that I’ve been documenting this from day one because I can look back and see the pain that I was going through while my body was getting used to the rigorous routines. This is so worth it, I feel like a million bucks!
So, to talk a little about the workout. I started out strong and finished even stronger. My kicks were high, my form is getting tighter, my stance is getting lower, even my stretching is better. I try to find little ways to push more during this routine, like during the breaks I do tires for a little bit then go into 10 seconds of jumping jacks and then do 20 X jacks instead of 10!
The punches are solid and strait and the only thing I hate about this exercise is the start combo blocks. Since day one I’ve been having trouble keeping up my heart rate during that one. Between trying to do 5 moves while walking forward and backwards, the whole time you’re trying to make sure your doing the right moves and then its over. At the end my heart rate goes from 155 to 120 so I take the break after to run in place till I get it back up.
Lastly, this time around I did 200 punches to there 100. I was pumping them out like it was my job!
I felt so good when I was done, I just want more…

Meal of the day:
8oz Chicken Breast with 1oz Parmesan Cheese and 1tsp Worcestershire, 1cup Steamed Broccoli.


-Till tomorrow


Day 19 – Chest and Back

As excited as I might have been yesterday to do this workout, I have to say that something was a little off today. I can only guess that it has to do with a lack of sleep. I know lately that I have been waking up about every hour for some reason almost all night. Sometime I have to pee, sometimes to blow my nose, sometimes just for the hell of it.  I don’t get it… I would think with the amount of time that I put into workouts everyday that my body would love to hit the bed a pass out till the morning.

Don’t get me wrong, I killed the workout tonight but I didn’t feel as well as I usually do. I was able to max out on all the leg routines with as much weight as I had and still do all the repetitions. The pull-ups I did today were some of my highest I ever had, so I really can’t complain.

Going back to another Ab Ripper X story… I think this is where I may have been a little down on myself because of high hopes from the last session I had on Wednesday I really though that I was going to be able to do the whole routine and be able to keep up with them. Logically thinking that if I came close last time I should be able to get it. Well not only did I not get the same numbers as Wednesday, I actually did worse. My abs we on fire today, and I just couldn’t keep up, I had to rest every 15 reps just to be able to continue. For my pride of the mason twists, I hit 33 and literately fell back in intense pain from my abs. I knew as soon as I started that I was not going to make it. I hit 10 and I was already feeling it. Forget about 50.

Overall it went well but I still am disappointed with my results, Tomorrow is another day!

Meal of the day:
12oz Salmon with 175g of Green Beans

Salmon & Beans

-Till tomorrow


Day 18 – Yoga X

Going on week three of the Yoga X workout and I still always think that this is going to be an easier day. It never is and it’s probably never going to be. Yoga X is tough… I was built for strength, concentration, balance and control. Some of these I have, most of these I don’t. When it comes to the balance, I got it down, tree move… I can go for days. The part that I struggled with the most tonight was the ones where you lay on your back and point your toes towards the ceiling. That alone is a struggle to get your legs straight but now we have to twist the legs down to one side and hold them in the air for 30 seconds while keeping them straight. Then do the other side. Then do the same thing but keeping the feet only about a foot off the ground. By that point I don’t even think I can do that with my hands holding my legs up.

I feel that once I get past that exercise I can really get to enjoy the rest of the workout. Mostly because from there all we do is stretches. I do have the whole warrior 1, 2 and 3 down pretty well and the push-ups between the downward dog, flat back and upward dog I got going strong.

I can see why I don’t have to do Ab Ripper X after Yoga. This is an intense workout no matter what people say about Yoga.

Overall I think I did well and I am definitely looking forward to tomorrow’s workout.

Meal of the day:
8-Egg Whites, 1.5 Slices of low sodium Ham, 2 sliced of Turkey Bacon, and 12 oz of OJ 🙂

Eggs & Bacon

– Till tomorrow


Day 17 – Shoulders and Arms

A great day to pump some iron!

For some reason I forgot about this workout… I thought it was going to be the weights and pull-ups routine but I was off by a couple days. Kind of glad though, I really enjoy this workout. It’s tough and involves a lot of weight lifting. I never really liked lifting weights but I found myself halfway through tonight’s workout and was like, wow this is kind of cool to see my biceps and trapezoids flex and pump with every rep of the weights. I love that feeling right when you are at your limit and you try to push a little more and the weight get all wobbly then you grunt and give it all you got for that last second. You know you building muscle then!

I kept up with reps; I’m still a little lower on the weights. I find myself doing close to 20 reps instead of the maximum 15. Since I’m not ready to spend another $100 on weights, this will have to do for now. Good thing is that I’m not really looking to become a muscle monster; I still just want to tone and lean my body.


Lastly I’d like to talk about the Ab Ripper X again… To my surprise, I didn’t do as well as I expected to do today. After a successful workout on Monday, I though that I was going to rock it today. Well I think I may have overdone it last time and maybe I haven’t recovered fully yet because I was hurting. I didn’t do much worse; I did about the same, all but the Mason Twists. I finally got over 40 with a solid 43. Again as before after 43 it got ugly, hands and feet we all over the place.


So… Great workout with Shoulders and Arms and an OK workout with Ab Ripper X.


Meal of the day:

Salmon with a lot of fresh raw garlic and green beans.

Salmon & Beans

-Till tomorrow


Day 16 – Plyometrics

Breaking a sweat, yeah that’s right!

Today was a day to sweat, ploymetrics, jump training, endurance, that’s what its all about.  I knew going into this workout that I will be enjoying it. Besides the fact that I had to shovel snow for about a half hour before the workout, I was still excited. I used the time that I was pushing the white stuff around to warm up my body and get the blood flowing. Once I was finished and breaking a sweat out in the 3-degree weather, then I went inside to do the workout.


It was as good as it was last week, no wait… It was better. Not only was I keeping up with them, I was still going during the breaks to keep my heart rate up. I don’t know about you guys, but for me the only way that I break a sweat is to keep going during the breaks. Maybe it’s just me, I know I’m not a big sweater but unless it’s 100 degrees in their workout room, I can’t figure out for the life of me why or how they are sweating so much. Some of them were sweating during the warm-ups. I will admit that my workout room is only 60 degrees but at the cost of heating a house this time of year in Maine is definitely not worth the “Shaq at the foul-line look.”


So yes… Today I broke a sweat, it took a heart rate of 155-160 for over an hour to get a couple of beads on the forehead but there it was… the salty water of satisfaction on the body. I pushed hard, fast and low. As a result, I got a great workout and burned some calories.


I did want to mention a tip to anyone that was maybe running into a space issue with this workout. During the monster truck tires routine, instead of doing the zig-zag pattern that takes at least ten feet of distance in front of you. I modified the exercise by picking two points on the floor, standing straight, looking to your right, pick a point that is about three feet away from your right. Do the same with your left. You now have two points on the floor that are 6 feet apart. For the exercise, start with your right foot on the right point on the floor and then jump with your right foot only to the left spot and land only on the left foot. Then spring off your left foot to land on the right point with your right foot. Continue with the exercise for the full 60 seconds.

Its makes more sense when you actually do it, I think I was even getting confused while I was writing it 🙂


Meal of the day:

Chicken Cubes sauteed in chicken broth, shallots and onions. And the lovely vegetable broccoli.



– Till tomorrow



Day 15 – Chest and Back

Top of the third week! Just as I was getting used to the workout I realized that I wouldn’t be doing this routine for another 6 weeks… Bummer, I was starting to kind of like this one.

So chest and back… The first week I gave it my all and I crashed and burned by the second round. The second week I paced myself a little too much and I felt like I was dogging it a little. This week I was right on the money. Great amount of reps and a much better guess on the proper weights.
For a couple of the exercises I had to use two weights in each hand because I don’t own a full set yet. For the heavy pants I used 15 and 10 pound weights in each hand and did as many reps as I could. For the lawn mowers I used two 15’s in each hand to do the exercise. It was really starting to burn after 12 so I went to 15 and stopped.

I advanced a little more with the pull-ups this time, getting one or two on each round. The push-ups stayed about equal from last week. Still my weak point, but slow progress is better then no progress.

Lastly the AB Ripper X. I don’t know why I feel the need to write about this every time but I do, and I will until I’m able to do the whole routing without stopping.
I did the best I ever did today. Got through the in and outs, bicycle, frog, and cross sit-ups with out stopping and doing all 25! I got caught up on the v up roll-ups. I just can’t get my body to fold like that, grrrrrr!

Mason twists… 34 straight! What up!! After 34 it was getting ugly, sloppy and I had to stop myself, haha.

Meal of the day:
8 Egg whites with diced turkey bacon and sweet onions. Hot tea and sunshine!



-Till tomorrow


Day 14 – Rest Day

Well I did rest from doing a workout but by far I think I did the most amount of calorie burning today then I ever had.

I decided to go with a friend to make some photographs on this nature train a couple miles from my house. I knew it was going to be cold so I dressed for the occasion and packed on the layers. I made myself a nice healthy breakfast and out the door I went with a 30 lb backpack of camera gear.
Mind you that I live in Maine and we’ve been getting a decent amount of snowfall this year.
We get to our location and find that what was once a clear parking lot is now covered in 25″ of snow. Well, we came here to do something and we’re going to do it!

We spent the next two hours only covering only 2 1/2 miles of ground but high stepping through 25″ of snow for that long was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It was totally P90x like!

That was my rest day

-Till tomorrow


Day 13 – Kenpo X

Finally, the day has come!! I love this workout. Love, love, love!

It goes by so fast, it’s challenging yet totally doable. I feel great at the end and if it were about another half hour longer I wouldn’t mind all.

Every exercise I find myself pushing as hard as I can go because I know I will be able to last the whole workout. I don’t what it is about this one that gets me so revved up but I am so glad that I end the week with this one.
Some of the workouts I wonder if there’s a way to add weights to add more resistance to the workouts maybe weighted gloves for the punches and blocks. I feel like I have great form and solid motions throughout the work out so maybe added weight will make it more strenuous.

I do know that on the breaks I love to really do some in place running… forget the jump rope, if I run I can keep my heart rate in the zone the whole break through the x jacks.
I wish I could do it tomorrow too. I know I need a recovery / Stretch day but I’m so pumped!

Overall, I had a great day. Good appetite, great meals and plenty of good calories!

Meal of the day:
8 oz of Grilled Chicken cubed with Worcestershire and 1 oz of Mozzarella cheese, and 6 oz of Broccoli.

Chicken & Brocolli

-Till tomorrow


Day 12 – Legs and Back

 Ahhhhh… Feel the burn!!
Wow, another good workout today. I must say, I’m totally feeling P90x this week, all in a good way. Just getting through week one was the rough part for me. Day after day each workout gets me motivated for the next one. Remembering just a week ago, I was saying ” If the whole program is this tough for me, I’m never going to make it!” Well as you can tell I stuck with so far and I love it.

Legs and back is such a good combo for me and I know I struggle to get more then 5 or 6 push-ups but last week I couldn’t do any without a chair and on this workout I did a minimal of 4 before I use the chair to get a couple more.
I can still tell my weakest point on my entire body is my back; I prove it every time I do the Ab Ripper X routine.

But as a surprise to myself on Ab Ripper X, I out-did every number I did the prior workout.
Today I wrote every thing down on paper to show my progress until I could keep up completely.

Here they are as of now:

In and Outs – all 25
Bicycles Forward – all
Bicycles Reverse – 15, break, 10
Frog – 10 break 10
Cross leg sit-up – 10, break, 11
Scissor – 10, break, 5
Bent leg up – 10, break, 5
Pulse up – 2, break, 3, break, 1
feet up roll up – 4
Oblique V ups – all, but have trouble keeping legs strait
Leg Climb – all
Mason Twist – 30, break, 10

Overall I as super pumped and energized after the legs and back but by the time I was done with the Ab Ripper X, I was toast!

Meal of the day:
8 egg white scramble with 1-oz mozzarella cheese, onion, and 2 slices of Turkey Bacon.

 Egg Scramble
-Till tomorrow


Day 11 – Yoga X

Calm cool and collected…

It’s amazing what one-week of P90x can do to your body. I’m not talking about huge visual differences; I’m talking about flexibility and balance. If I go back one week and look at the post I did after my first yoga routine, you will see one upset person. I was so discouraged about what I couldn’t do and how far everyone else was stretching.

I really think that the difference between each week was amazing! I can say that I was dreading this workout all week. Even when I first started today I was like, “any minute I’m really going to hate this.” But for some reason today I did it. I struggled and grunted on some but most of the exercises I almost enjoyed. They were calming and strenuous all at the same time.

I can only hope that I continue to enjoy each workout more and more each week, and by the end of the program I will continue to do them because I like them.

I’ll keep it short a sweet tonight… It’s rather late for my workout and I still have to cook dinner. Sorry for no food picture tonight. Hopefully I’ll be back on schedule tomorrow.

-Till tomorrow



Day 10 – Shoulder and Arms

Man oh Man, was that a workout. Push it – Push it – Push it!!

I love it, cranking out the reps and putting iron into the air. I never pushed so hard. Muscles screaming, and shaking. I couldn’t stop. I was loving the burn and the feeling of the muscle tearing to keep up with my mind, I knew as long as I can handle the pain I was going to be OK. Don’t get me wrong… I wasn’t hurting myself; I was just finally getting into a groove and picking the proper weights to match the routine.

I really felt like one of the team members today. I’m still about 10 lbs below what they were using but I was able to do rep for rep and stay in the same time frame that they were in.
I can honestly say that I kicked Tony’s Butt on the last exercise where he was killing himself to do 20 and said if anyone at home doing more then 26 he would come over and kick my butt.
Haha, I’m waiting 🙂

Ab Ripper X…. Hmmmm.
Well as this is my 6th time doing this. I really figure at some point that it is going to get easier and maybe… just maybe I will be able to finish one exercise. I always get about halfway and then my back starts burning to the point where I just fall back.
Do I have the weakest back ever? It sure feels like it. Climbing the leg is the only one that I can do from start to finish and that’s mostly because I am able to use my hands to climb.

Even the first exercise I get about 3/4 of the way through it and my back goes into fire mode and I really can’t continue. I then have to take a breather then lay on my back through the rest of the reps and continue to do so through the bicycles.

I did however do my highest of 30 mason twists! 15, break, 15. I was happy with that!

Meal of the day:
Whole Grain Spaghetti with Shrimp.

Spaghetti & Shrimp

-Till tomorrow


Day 9 – Plyometrics


And this is exactly what I did. Kick-ass on this one. I found that I was able to keep up the whole workout and really put some sweat down on the towel. Never once did I have to pause the DVD or take long breaks while they still did the workout. I was able to last and still have more energy to go at the end.
I know that I do much better with these types of cardio workouts where it’s more about endurance and less about weight lifting.

My whole life I was never the one to go to a gym and “hit the weights.” I would rater go for a bike ride for miles and Rollerblade then to sit in front of a mirror listening to heavy metal while the odor of foul members hit the showers.
I guess is a trade off, I know that the push-ups and pull-ups are going to be my weak point, but I know as I get further into this program the better and leaner my body will be. Hopefully having to lift my body weight with less fat and more muscle will help.

For the first time I was able to get my heart rate over 160 today. I was really pushing it when I was doing the monster tires and the running around the towel routine. No shortcuts no modified workouts. I finally did it all and I feel so much better about it.

I ate well today, as always but I hit my calorie mark rather easily. I’m finding that I am getting used to eating more often and I actually look forward to each mealtime.

Meal of the day is:
Scallops seared in white wine with String Beans.

Scallops and beans

-Till tomorrow


Day 8 – Chest and Back


Well I’m off to week 2 of the p90x workout. It was kind of weird not working out yesterday and I think that It totally through off my momentum. I definitely want to stick to doing something on the 7th day besides nothing. Is it OK to do stretch X on the off day? I can’t see why not, but you never know.

I felt a little sluggish today going into the workout so before I pressed play, I decided to warm up on the drum set for about 25-30 minutes to loosen and warm up. I think it helped for the most part. I was a little winded but my heat rate was up for a change.

Starting out this time I knew much better to pace myself but I feel that it may have hurt me in performance ways to think that way. If I try to limit myself to be able to last longer throughout the workout, am I doing just that, limiting myself? I was going as strong as I can for a couple reps, then in my head I was saying, “you better stop now because you’ll be wiped by the second round”. So I did. Yes I was able to last for the whole workout this time and not feel like I was going to throw-up, but now that I’m done, I don’t feel as satisfied with my performance.
I guess I will have to find the happy medium.

I still can only do a couple of each pull-ups and push-ups but for this time around I used the chair and my knees to get some extra reps in instead of stopping.
I also picked up some weights instead of using the bands that I purchased with the program. What a difference. Those bands suck!
I was able to do the weight routines so much smoother with real weights and the motion made much more sense to me.
I did however only buy 10 and 15 pound weights, so I was able to keep up with the girls on that part… No problem 🙂

After the workout I did the Ab Ripper X and just like the last three times I did it, I tried my best and watched them do the rest.
Bicycle, I can do about 20 before my back muscle starts screaming.
Scissor, about 2
Leg cross, only flat legged and I get to about 14
I can climb the leg like no other.
30 degree side thing… fish out of water is more like it.
And I’m proud to say I did 25 of the mason twists. 15, break, 10.

Overall, I’m OK with how the workout went. OK because I can still move, but OK because I can still move. You know…?

Meal of the day is:
Grilled Chicken, Romaine Salad with Organic Whole Wheat Croutons. (Worcestershire marinated)

p90x salad

-Till tomorrow


Day 7 – Rest Day

And rest I did.
I took it easy today and limited my calorie intake just because I knew I was going to be burning 600 calories while doing bills and repairing the bathroom sink.

Overall it was a good day of needed rest from working out but already I felt like I was missing something around 7pm. I will maybe start doing the stretch exercises during that day to at least keep the cycle going.

-Till tomorrow


Day 6 – Kenpo X

It was great… It was awesome… I didn’t want it stop!
This is my kind of workout. What a great way to end the week. I land on the Kenpo X on Saturdays and that gives me the day off of work and a day of recovery all on a lovely Sunday.Since this is my first time and my first week doing the program, I didn’t have a clue what Kenpo X was, maybe another painful workout, maybe another terror of learning curves? I didn’t know. Well I do now and I know I’m super excited to do it again. It totally gave me something to look forward to during all the hard workouts during the week.
I was able to get the motions down within a couple reps and keep up with solid hits and good form. My timing was dead on and heart rate was up. Even during the breaks I was running and doing really high X jumps just to keep my rate up around 155-160.
The only total failure that I had was with the star pattern blocks… That was a tough one. I will practice those maybe tomorrow in slow motion and try to memorize the motion. I did try to follow along but that particular one I spent a lot of time just trying to figure it out. I didn’t want to totally stop and learn it because I didn’t want my heart rate to drop. I was in the zone, grove, or whatever you want to call it.As a side note, I am actually writing this here because I don’t want to forget… Today was a day where I was able to hit my calorie goal and where I constantly felt hungry. I’m taking this as a great huge sign. I usually struggle with every meal trying to force more food in my mouth to try to hit the correct amounts of food in each category. I’m guessing that metabolism is moving up and burning that body fat.The picture of the day comes from my breakfast. I decided to make a large 8 egg white scrambled eggs with diced turkey bacon and sweet onions. Mmmmmm!

scrambled eggs

-Till tomorrow


Day 5 – Legs and Back

That’s all I got to say…
What a good workout today. I felt like I totally kicked butt today. Even the Ab Ripper X was better then usual for me.
I don’t know what it is yet or at least I don’t have enough data to be able to come up with a conclusion why some days are better then the rest.
I though because I barely slept last night because of snow plows and snow blowers that going into this workout I was going to be abused. I did go into the workout tired and I felt like I was low on energy but for some reason I was able to excel much better then expected.
I did eat fewer calories yesterday then today. Could that be a reason? Was the workout just a little easier then other days for me? I’m not sure yet but in time I will have a pattern to look back at.
I did do something different with my workout that I learned over the past five days. I am spending a lot more effort on my form rater then keeping up. I noticed that I was trying to keep up with the group and once I started to loose my form I would kind of half-ass it to get the count together.
Today I took my time and instead of doing 25, I may have only done 17 but at least they were a good 17.
I also did all the pull-ups using a chair today. I was able to concentrate more on what muscles are being used during the exercise rather then just doing as many pull-ups as possible. When I would do them slowly I can feel each muscle contract from my arms, shoulders, and back. What I did find out is that a lot of the pull-up is coming from the strength of the back rather then the arm and bicep. Once I was able to learn to use my back more to help with the pull-up I felt my form totally change and the motion became much more fluid. I may have found the secret to the better pull-up 🙂
I was in the past doing dead body lifts with my arms only. I wish they had explained that a little better on the first day. Actually they may have but I was to busy screaming to try to do the pull-ups with only my arms. I probably missed it.
-Till tomorrow


Day 4 – Yoga X

After such success with yesterday’s workout I went into yoga on my high horse and quickly got knocked down, damn this was just as painful as all the others!
I went into yesterday’s workout very sore but for some reason I was able to keep up, pushing my arms & shoulders to the max…
Well I guess I paying for it today, I was super sore all over. I feel that I still haven’t come close to recovering from day one. If I were asked to do a pull-up today, I’d probably cry, then try, then fall flat on my face.
So, the workout was extremely tough for me, discouraged because the team is so smooth and fluent with there moves and I’m like a stiff, shaky, dis-coordinated, elephant in a glass store.
I’m trying to learn the moves while being contorted and always facing the wrong direction. And what’s up with the cool urban guy in the back with the like 30-pack abs? Is he human? I don’t know if he’s motivating me or getting me aggravated.
Sit on your butt, lift your legs to the sky, then do a crunch and hold your arms parallel to your legs? Really? For 30 seconds? I barely got my legs off the ground, let alone hold a crunch for 30 seconds.
Man I hope in time this becomes second nature because today really got me down.
I tried taking a hot bath last night then a shower from hot to cold to take away the soreness but no luck today. I’m now robot man…who can’t touch his eyebrow without putting my head down. My arms are officially dead and useless.
I had the same meal as last night so no new picture. Maybe tomorrow.
-Till tomorrow

Day 3 – Shoulders and Arms

Today I had the glory of being able to stay home because the coast of Maine got pounded with a good 14″ of snow and because we are caring of our students we decided to cancel classes today and work from home.

Good thing! I barely slept last night… Maybe because every time I moved I had such bad muscle ache that it woke me up or, I was too excited about the snow and kept an ear out for the snow plows.

So I had a chance to really evaluate my nutrition with the extra time and ask some questions on the message boards.
The two main questions I had were:

1. Can I workout with muscles so sore I could barley put my own shirt on? Answer – Yes
After playing the drums for a 30 min warm up and doing the beginning stretches, I was able to be right back in the game.

2. I was looking for ways to reach my calorie goals since I haven’t been able to come close to the 2400 recommended count. Answer – I don’t know, I haven’t got a good answer yet.

OK, Back to the workout. Well today I feel like I totally rocked it!
I felt good, energetic, strong, and I think I kept up well for my first time doing it.

The exercises were good and I spent less time taking breaks. I was able to do some of the curls with the same weight and reps as the team. I finished pumped up and ready for more!

I also did the Ab Ripper X after, It was stronger then the first time but still really tough for me. I worked on my form and sometimes I only did a couple good ones rather then 25 sloppy ones. I’ll get it sooner or later.

If anybody has tips on how to do the 30-degree laying on your side things, I’d really like to know, for the life of me I feel like a fish out of water with that one. Quite a sight to see if you ask me 🙂

Overall I’m very pleased with performance today… I look forward to something new tomorrow.

Food pic of the day:
Garlic crusted baked salmon with green beans. Mmmmmm

Salmon & String Beans

– Till tomorrow




Day 2 – Plyometrics

Well I’m already here on the computer able to write only 10 minutes after the workout. Unlike yesterday when after I crawled down the stairs and laid on the floor for about a half hour, then I was able to tremble on the keyboard and start this post.

So two things could of happened.

1. I could have realized my limits and paced myself better throughout the workout. Taking a mental note from yesterday where I gave it my all in order to try to keep up with the DVD. Big mistake!


2. I was relatively an easier type of exercise for me because I bike a lot and I’m always on my feet.

I’m not sure what the answer is, but I feel much better after I finished today then yesterday. I have to say that there were some points where I stopped the DVD to catch my breath and start over again. No shame from me…

I did also have to stop once or twice to try to get the motion down a little better before I do some damage from improper form.

Overall it was a tough fast paced workout and I hated it the whole time until I was done

To review how I felt this morning: Sore, Sore, Sore.
I had to wear slip on shoes to work because I couldn’t bend over to tie my shoes. Good thing I didn’t have to grab anything on a top shelf because raising my arms past my head was a daunting, near impossible task.

Food Pic of the day:
Simple pan grilled chicken 6oz, 1 cup of steamed Broccoli


Time for the Recovery drink and a shower!

– Till tomorrow




Day 1 – Chest and Back

A little back history before I start the continuing story.
This would be my first attempt at doing any sort of a formal fitness program. I have been very active my whole life and never felt the need to do anything more than my daily activities.

I have recently scored a new position as the Photography Program Director for Maine Media College and as great as the new job is, I have never felt lazier. The job is super stressful and the days can be very long, but I do a lot of my work from an office chair.

I’ve recently noticed that I have been keeping the same weight as I’ve always been but I certainly don’t look the same. The transformation from muscle to fat has happened very quickly and I’m here to do something about it.


Age – 30
Weight – 162.6 lb
Height – 5′ 10″

Before Photo:


So I just got finished doing the Chest and Back workout. OUCH!
I don’t want to get into crazy detail because I’m having a tough time typing.
My hands are shaking, I feel a little nauseous and sitting here in front of the computer is the only thing stopping me from passing out.

I gave it everything I got and I fell like I barely kept up. These guys that are doing 20+ reps every time… you’re freaks of nature!
I started out strong doing 12 pull-ups thinking I was going to do real well, by the end when I had to do the “crawl under the fence” push-up, I literally fell on my face on the first one and stayed there until he said that he was done with his 20.
Then Champion of the face plant tries to do the Ab Ripper X… I struggled through most of it but I still gave it what I had left, (not much, but still tried).

I finished off the workout with a P90x recovery drink and now I’m off to a good night sleep.

– Till tomorrow