Using a good Primer and Top Coat

Right after the top coat of compound went on to the walls we started to look at different primer and paint for new drywall. Because the big box stores will tell you a different answer every time you go in there, I decided to go to visit the Sherwin Williams store and buy a quality paint for all the hard work done in this room. I chose to take advantage of their contractor paints by opening an account which will give you access to some really good paint and some discount prices.

I used a premium wall & wood primer, Eminence Ceiling paint and Super Paint for the wall color. Be ready to spend over $150 for 3 gallons of paint BUT be ready to use some of the best paint you can get your hands on. It makes such a huge difference when using a good quality paint from smell, application, coverage, evenness, and dry time.

The primer was done in one evening following the final sanding of the top coat of compound. A simple wiping off of dust with a micro-fiber cloth and we were ready to prime. The primer process is really easy and took once nice coat to cover all the surface differences in the drywall and compound.

The next day I used 220 grit sandpaper on a sanding pole to sand off the fuzziness of the dry wall paper. Whats nice about this primer is that it will bond to the small paper fibers and dry them hard so they can be sanded smooth. I felt I did over sand a bit much when I was doing the compound layers but a good primer and sanding took care of that.

The next day I did the ceiling, which was as simple as you can get. It took about 20 minutes to do and it started to dry 30 minutes later. It was a beautiful Matte finish that will spread out the light really nice and evenly without seeing to many imperfections if there are any.

Lastly was the next day when I applied the color onto the wall. We choose to use a light sage green in a eggshell finish. Since the room wont see to much abuse we were able to choose a nice soft finish that I’ve been a huge fan of.

Here are some of the pictures from the painting process.


Primer 1

 Primer 2

Primer 3

Ceiling Paint:

Ceiling 1

Top Coat Color:

Wet color

Wet color  Paint 2

Paint 1

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